BN-UMN get lost! we don’t need you in penang

this is by my colleague, stanley. stanley is of course a true penangite like me. we love penang and we love the present government. like stanley, i like to say to UMNO too “GET LOST!!”. we don’t need you in penang. penang is doing very well under the PR government. UMNO is such a racist party, who need it??


BN-UMNO, please get lost! We don’t need you in Penang

In light of the recent baseless attacks and statements by the Opposition in Penang, Kedah and selangor towards the Pakatan Government, I would like to share with you 12 points on the achievements of the Penang DAP- Pakatan Government.

The facts and figures below were obtained from the Penang State Government.

1) Penang tops in investment in Malaysia attracting almost RM 12.2 billion investments or 26% of the overall investments in Malaysia. A historical   success for Penang.
2) Penang was praised by the National Auditor General for being the state with the best financial management from 2008-2009
3) Penang tops in reducing the crime index for 2010 by 27%. It is the highest among all states in Malaysia.
4) Penang is the pioneer and leading state in green initiatives moving towards becoming the first green state in Malaysia.
5) Penang is the only state in Malaysia to be praised by Transparency International for the state government’s open tender and CAT governance based on competency, accountability and transparency.

6) Penang contributes two -thirds of the medical tourism in Malaysia.
7) Penang is the 1st state to give out RM100 annually to senior citizens above the age of 60yrs old. The state government commits to wipe outhardcore poverty and ensures that every family`s income is at least RM 500 a month.
8) Penang has the highest increase of Air-Travelers (30%) in comparison of other Malaysian airports in 2010.
9) Penang has zero unemployment rates and is currently having shortage of workers.
10) Penang state Government guarantees the freedom and upholds the human rights of the people through the freedom of information (FIO) Act and erected the Speaker`s Square at esplanade. The 1st in Malaysia which gives the people the freedom to voice their opinion.
11) Penang is the most committed and active in protecting, preserving and promoting heritage conservation such as the UNESCO world heritage city of George Town.
12) Penang is ranked as the most livable city in Malaysia.

As a Penang citizen, I am very proud of the success of my beloved Pakatan government.

The UMNO-Barisan racist company Sdn.Bhd, ( i say company because they are a money making politician, and sdn.bhd because they make money, stolen from the public, for their own pockets) is trying all its way’s to down grade the Penang government and slander lies towards it`s administration. In recent news, we hear of the Racist BN company sdn.bhd attacking the Penang state Government and slandering lies against them.

I would like to tell the Penang Gerakan chief Dr Teng Hock Nan and the Umno liaison chief Zainal Abidin Osman, to mind your own business and not interfere in the affairs of Penang. The people of Penang had voted in the PR government and had given them the powers to run the Penang State. We don’t need your comments or advices on how to run the state as you guys come from a bad history and even a present fact of a corrupted and racist government. The people of Penang had clearly rejected the BN-UMNO in the last General Elections. Please stay out of Penang and let our government do their job.

The people of Penang today are very happy with state`s administration. There are many positive policies and steps taken by the government in favor of the Rakyat and not themselves. There are still many policies that cannot be enforced because of the involvement of the Federal Government led by the BN-UMNO Racist company sdn.bhd in the administration of Penang state. A very good example of such a matter would be the implementation of the State Local Council Elections.

The state government is unable to move ahead with the plan because it requires the approval of the agencies controlled by the Federal government. Many problems in Penang today is due to the centralization of power in the federal government which controls all federal agencies. Decision by the federal is the key to such positive steps and the centralization of power had hampered the positive steps taken by the state government. Yet, the state is still working hard and trying it`s best to implement its plan through various ideas and measures taken. An example for that would be the creating of a port folio in the Penang Government to look after the affairs of non-Muslim. Such great and positive steps were never taken or considered by the previous BN-UMNO.

The federal government is only interested in a matter that brings income to their pockets. They will try whatever ways possible to create disunity among the races in Malaysia and shoot down critics by controlling the media and the enforcing of various draconian laws which are widely not accepted by the nation, to hold on to power.

The recent Interlok Novel issue is a very good example on how the BN-UMNO is trying to poison the mind of the Rakyat and create disunity among them. The incident of the 3 students being held up and questioned by the police in the police station for nearly 10 hours without the consent of their parents is also a very good example on how the government uses the police to create fear among the Rakyat and shut them up. These students had returned their form 5 Novel “Interlok” to their headmaster because they were not happy with the content. Instead of investigating the government for making such book compulsory in form 5, the police abused the students by holding them up for 10hrs illegally without the conduct of law.

The people of Penang has spoken, and the message is clear, That we have made a good choice in selecting the DAP-Pakatan government to rule our state. I believe, if given the opportunity to govern Penang for at least another 4 term, we would be able to compete with Singapore and reach great heights, with fair and proper policies that benefit all citizens in Penang.

Meanwhile, the opposition in Penang can dream of taking back Penang in the next General Elections. Penang citizens are now matured and wise in choosing their government. So BN-UMNO company sdn.bhd which will soon be bankrupt can continue dreaming!

by K.Sudhagaran Stanley

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