BN to take over penang next GE?

ya allah!! god forbid!! i’m happy with the PR govt. and come next GE i will vote for PR again and again. well you know it… if a cow stand against a BN candidate, i’d rather vote for the cow. (at least a cow will be better than ex umno like zahrain).

the penang state opposition, umno’s azhar is confident that BN will capture penang come next GE. my good  penangites, don’t be stupid to let umno go back to rule penang – look what they had NOT done for 51 years!!

see this poem by one ‘jebat perwira’  on facebook – hopefully the last line will come true! yes, i’m sure it will, if we all vote wisely with our hearts.

Vietnamese come, dogs & cats missing
Bangladeshi come, Malay girl missing.
Chinese girl come, husband missing.
Politicians come, Mongolian girl missing
Policeman come, drugs missing………
Election comes, government funds missing
Election lost, documents missing.
Release true report, doctor missing.
Tell the truth, whole family missing.
Expand Air Force, jet engines missing.

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