2 ‘free’ radio stations and 1 ‘free’ paper

first radio free sarawak, which was started sometime in november last year.   now, it’s durian FM, just launched two days ago. the main DJ for durianFM is jamaluddin ibrahim (pic),  the mandarin-speaking  DJ from 98.8FM who was sacked in september last year.

another sacked person – hata wahari, formerly from the umno-controlled super racist paper, utusan malaysia will become the editor of a new paper called ‘utusan rakyat’.  well, this paper has yet to be approved by the home minister. the application for publication was sent on 4 march, and it is understood that the approval will take about 2 months.  hmm… since this paper is supported by the oppostion, PR, i have a feeling the home ministry might dilly dally on the approval and it will certainly be more than 2 months! they might not even approve it at all!!

the government is running scared. scared of a free democratic voice. already they are now harrassing radio free sarawak. who knows, one day they might harass durianFM too and they might come up with all sorts of excuses not to approve the publication of utusan rakyat.

i always maintain that a country can call itself democratic only if it allows the opposition to operate a radio station, a tv station, a newspaper, FREELY. does malaysia do that? NO! so what is this about malaysia being a democratic country? total BS!!

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