now they admit they are ‘pendatang’

because they are not pure malays. because only the orang asli are the real bumiputera.

‘Real Malays’ please stand up

Meanwhile, Shafie also made a slight nod to Najib Razak’s call for inclusiveness; his colleagues Zahid and fellow vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein however were cooler on the matter, except in jest. 

Commenting on Najib’s mention of how Malays of different descents are still Malays, Hishammuddin made a big show about how his cousin did not mention those of Turkish descent.

In a light-hearted moment, the home minister said, (Malacca chief minister) Ali Rustam is Bengali Malay, (Perak Menteri Besar) Zambry Abdul Kadir is a mamak Malay, (Sabah chief minister) Musa (Aman) is a Pakistan Dusun Malay. (Umno Putera chief) Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, status unknown.

“This is the great thing about Malays, the greatness of Umno and the inclusiveness of Umno,” he said, also referring to Shafie as “Semporna lanun (pirate),” quipped Hishammuddin.

Running with the joke, Zahid got the delegates in stitches by mentioning a few other leaders from the Malay-only party, including Wanita chief Shahrizat Jalil. 

Not to be left out, deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin told the delegates that he comes from Bugis-Javanese parentage “of which the result is Malay”. 

Najib finally jumped in calling Muhyiddin, Shafie and Hishammuddin “the Javanese, the Turkish and the pirate.”

the above was  part of  malaysiakini’s report ‘umno to free penang from DAP neo-colonization‘.

how can these bigwigs who are not pure malays claim they are bumiputera malays in our bolehland and wanna claim the 30% equity lah, uphold article 153 lah, stick to the social contract lah (which is actually non existent), fight for malay rights lah.

as with reference to the heading of the report – about these pendatang wanting to become heroes to free penang from neo-colonization, i had already talked about this in facebook. this was what i wrote;

as a penangite, i’m so glad when PR took over on march 8, 2008… because that day we were free from UMNO colonization of penang. i will never ever want to see umno taking penang again. i’d rather PAS do it! we don’t need you to save penang, zahid, we are so very comfortable with the penang now – ruled by PR.

some comments i received talked about this zahid (the one who wanted to free penang) – farting from his mouth! indeed! what bullshit was he talking about? as someone else said, it is the best umno joke so far!! if not mistaken zahid (umno vice president and penang party chairman) was also the one who farted that certain ulama in penang mosques had been replacing penang’s CM, LGE’s name with the agong’s name.  and he was proven wrong!! well for this one he is very wrong too – come GE13, umno will be kicked out again! penangites don’t want umno to colonized us after 50 years of colonizing us while enrriching them!!!

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