gathering on malaysia day for SABM penang

yo penangites! you who are pride yourselves in being a true  ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA, come and celebrate malaysia day with all others bangsa malaysia friends.

this year is ‘saya anak bangsa malaysia’ (SABM) first anniversary and the second time SABM is celebrating malaysia day. KL SABM started the ball rolling to celebrate malaysia day last year and penang too followed and had one last year. well, this year too we in penang are going to have one, so i appeal to you all penang folks who love your country dearly and am always a malaysian first, to come and fellowship with other fellow bangsa malaysia friends.

the details are as follows:
date: thursday, 16 sept
time: 7.00pm
venue: new world park food court

there will be no specific agenda as it is mostly to meet and chit chat and fellowship, but we might have some speeches or video presentation too. it might be more or less like the KL’s agenda:

Welcome speech and video presentation
Rakyat Voices
Makan2, Minum2 and Cakap2

of course being penangites, the most important part is the makan! that’s why we always meet at makan stall. lol. seriously, we would like to hear some stories from people about how is it being a anak bangsa malaysia or any other insights they have to share.

so dear anak bangsa malaysia penang, hope to see you there on malaysia day.

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