wow! how i love the double standard!

yippy! thanks to umno for making me happy again. the double standard. they hypocrisy. they are at it again.

the saga of DAP MP teo nie ching entering the surau. umno and perkasa boss,  the loud-mouth ‘shit’ ali boy, jumped up and down, pouncing on teo. why? because she is from DAP. opposition. someone said sometime back a non malay, ng yen yen from BN visited a surau too… and without the tudung (veil) no umno people condemn her, MAIS keep quiet. if you recall, our ex pm’s wife always go around without t tudung, even to the mosque (if i’m not mistaken).

then the latest – our beloved information minister is quick to jump on namewee for the video clip he made regarding the racist principal from johor. puteri umno too  (and soon, mark my word, of course perkasa ali boy will jump at namewee’s throat too).  why all along utusan malaysia had been so… so… very much bit time super damn racist, and yet not even a whimper towards them from the govt/umno. and  perkasa.

rais yatim said ‘action to be taken against video containing racist slur’. i was fortunate to have seen the video before namewee canned the video and i see no tinge of racism in it at all.  in fact, he was hitting out at a racist (the principal) and for that, puteri umno made so much noise. why? was it because namewee is a chinese, the principal is a malay and puteri umno don’t like the fact of a chinese hitting out at their own race?

of course there are many other instances of double standard e.g. the cow-head protest, the anti isa protest, hindraf gathering and so on and so on.   it happened so often that i’m already numbed by it. used to be very angry over it but not now anymore. now, i’ll be happy instead – because this is a good signal for us to know what to do come the next general election.

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