yet again – double standard! will it ever stop?

i had lost count the number of double standard we encounter in our country. so much so that first, i composed a double standard song (to tune of children’s  ‘are you sleeping’), then i created a ‘double standard’ category here… and finally i have to create a double standard group in facebook entitled 2malaysia.

what double standard it is now? read ‘perlis speaker will not submit quit letter to EC‘, especially the comments. then read aliran’s statement.

you read and determine where’s the double standard. i’m too tired and mad to write more. beside, i’m having a toothache now. started few days ago. guess i should go to the dentist soon.  oh, gonna post this at my 2malysia facebook group too. hey, the membership is growing… less than a month since its formation, already 1611 members. if you are in facebook, don’t forget to join eh. good place for you to rant about the double standard and hypocrisy of malaysia. if you are not in facebook… huh? are you living? 😉

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