perkasa and umno tells us malays are retards

no offence meant to my malay friends or other malays who are not my friends, ok. this does not come from me but from umno and perkasa. in what way?

well you see, perkasa is forever fighting on ‘malay special rights’.  you know lah, little bit said/done, they will jump up and accuse you of questioning malay special rights. they want malay special rights to be retained forever and ever and ever until kingdom come. umno of course is no better – over 50 years ruling malaysia and they still hold on to malay special rights.

now where does the retard comes in? well, a facebook friend, wan imran, gave me the idea. this was what he had said in facebook few days ago:

UMNO= a party and organization for Malay RETARDS… that’s WHY their supporters can’t even THINK, coz they’re RETARDED! Why else do you think they go on and on after DECADES about “SPECIAL” rights. SPECIAL also means “HANDICAPPED” or “RETARDED”, that’s why they need SPECIAL schools, SPECIAL privileges, you can never get someone who’s BORN HANDICAPPED or “RETARDED” to get OFF their wheelchairs of crutches can you?

ain’t that so right, right?

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