voter education videos

before you vote, please be educated! important facts and information to be aware of as a voter.

bersih, tindak malaysia and durian had get together to produce some interesting videos for you to be aware of your voter's rights and to lean more about voting. there are all together 12 videos. these videos are well made with humour thrown in. this is good as it will make ordinary people understand it easier. do share the videos with your family and friends. you can even use the videos to organise a session to show to people (e.g. school, church, college, organisations, companies).

i'm highlighting here two videos which i find very funny and interesting.  if you click here for the first video, you will be able to see all the 12 videos.

episode 3a:  indelible ink issue

episode 5a:  the hidden dot

the other videos are:

episode 1:  voters education by ambiga
episode 2:  patrick teoh – the polling station layout
episode 3a:  'wong fat hong' – indelible ink issue (as highlighted here)
episode 3b:  PY wong – indelible ink
episode 4a:  zunar – phantom voter 
episode 4b: PY wong – phantom voter
episode 5a:  hishamuddin rais – the hidden dot (as highlighted here)
episode 5b:  PY wong  – the hidden dot
episode 6:  the changing room
episode 7:  PY wong – election cost

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