Going gaga over Gaza

“the BN regime is a hypocrite” says dear john. absolutely agree! this article came out 5 days ago.  i love this article so much so i need to share it with those who do not subscribe to malaysiakini. dear john wrote what were exactly on my mind.



Going gaga over Gaza

Dean Johns
Jun 9, 10

Outrage at Israeli atrocities against activists attempting to bring aid to the long-persecuted people of the Gaza strip may be all very just and righteous, but in some quarters it also reeks of hysteria and hypocrisy.

For example, Turks protesting the killing of fellow citizens aboard one of the blockade-busting vessels conveniently overlook the fact that their nation viciously victimises its own Kurdish minority and to this day denies its historic mass-murder of Armenians.

Demonstrators in the Arab nations of the Middle East are in even more flagrant denial of the disgraceful reality that they and their governments tolerate or support wholesale slaughter of Muslims and non-Muslims alike by the likes of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, not to mention Hamas and Hezbolah, everywhere from Lebanon and Israel to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

And Malaysia can always be counted on for rallies and sallies against Israel, or as in the current case to go gaga in sympathy for the oppressed people of the Gaza strip, in stark contrast to its customary disregard for crimes against humanity elsewhere in the world, and indeed in its own back yard.

Previously the chief exponent of this warped and unbalanced approach to world affairs has been expressed by former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s anti-semitic, pro-Islamic pressure group, the so-called Perdana Global Peace Organisation.

And of course Mahathir predictably came to the party this time, welcoming Malaysian activists home with the comment recorded by mouthpiece news agency Bernama that they had “succeeded in exposing to the world how bad Israel is, and it [sic] willing to kill not only their enemies but also the people from an ally’s country”.

That’s pretty mild for Mahathir, who usually employs such an opportunity to flog his favourite paranoid hobbyhorse, the Zionist conspiracy to achieve world domination. But at least it was enough to remind us all that he was the man who reportedly greeted the arrival of Vietnamese refugees on Malaysian shores during his premiership with the order to “shoot them”.

But if Mahathir was a little muted by the memory that he himself had been willing to kill people from an ally’s country, Najib Abdul Razak felt no such reservations, scaling the heights of hubris and hypocrisy by calling for Israel to be hauled up before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

And so it should be. But surely Najib is the last person to be justified in criticising Israel or any other nation given his own regime’s employment of the notorious Israeli-owned political propaganda and lobbying organisation, Apco Worldwide.

His mention of the ICC also seems more than somewhat foolhardy, considering persistent allegations of his involvement in corrupt international arms deals and the associated murder (albeit denied) of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.

This, plus his own BN regime’s appalling record on human rights including the trafficking and other mistreatment of refugees and the denial of Malaysian citizens’ rights to freedoms of speech, assembly and equal protection under the law.

It didn’t prevent his proclaiming that “the Zionist regime’s attack on humanitarian aid vessels in violation of international law including human rights law, international human rights law and the UN charter”.

Nor did the evils of the BN regime stop Deputy Prime Minister Muhyuddin Yassin from spouting supporting remarks like “it is now clear to us that the Israeli Zionist regime has now become more arrogant with the repressive powers that it possesses…its cruel actions have for a long time caused the loss of thousands of lives”.

Absolutely no credibility

Talk about hypocrisy to the absolute limit. If there’s one regime on earth that’s “arrogant with the repressive powers it it possesses”, it’s Malaysia’s BN, which as everybody knows has “caused the loss of thousands of lives” by failing to investigate extra-judicial and custodial killings by its own police and other agencies.

The BN regime has no credibility whatever in the compassion department, in its own country or anywhere else. Its pose as defender of the people of Gaza strip against the depredations of the Netanyahu Israeli regime is just another pathetically transparent ploy to fool Malaysia’s Muslims into believing it’s a champion of Islam.

The BN government has never shown a shred of sympathy for the millions victims of genocide in Darfur by the Islamic government of Sudan, whose president is the first serving head of state to be indicted by the ICC.

It has never as far as I’ve seen demonstrated the slightest interest in, let alone condemnation of, the Kim Jong-Il regime’s 60-year suppression and starvation of its own people, its unprovoked attacks on South Korea or its nuclear threats to its other neighbours.

Nor has it ever, at least to my knowledge, uttered a word of protest at China’s persecution of the peaceful and defenceless people of Tibet, or of the Muslim and other minorities of Western China.

And as scandalised as it pretends to be about the blockade of Gaza by Israel, BN has evidently never so much as noticed the fact that the US persists with its 50-year blockade of puny and impoverished Cuba.possesses”,

Also, much closer to home, the Malaysian government seems totally unmoved by the plight of the people so brutally repressed and exploited by its partners in Asean, the despicable despots of Laos and Burma, or those under the thumb of former Khmer Rouge and their cronies in whatever Cambodia’s called these days.

So BN’s getting irate about Israel and going gaga about the plight of the Palestinians isn’t likely to fool anyone but the merest religious or political innocent or outright idiot.

Especially, as many commentators have noted, when it uses its new-found ‘respect’ for human rights and justice to divert Malaysians’ attention from the announcement by Transport Minister Kong Chor Ha that the RM12 billion PKFZ scandal has been “completed” – and when local media criticism of this and BN’s countless other national and international crimes remain sas firmly gagged as ever.

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