‘please step on the israeli flag’

oh gosh, they hate israel that much?

the above photo was taken by me yesterday morning, while we were walking from the police station to the nearby nasi kandar stall in dato kramat road (penang), after paula’s case at the police station.

this israeli flag was painted on the ground, in front of an entrance to a PAS branch office. it stated in bahasa ‘sila pijak’ which means ‘please step on it’. of course everyone who walks pass it will naturally step over it… unless the person notice it before he came to it and walk round it.

this PAS branch is nearby the police station and i notice some police eating at the nasi kandar restaurant (which is next to the PAS branch) so i’m sure the police notice it… but did they do anything about it? nothing! oh sorry… they did – they pijak on it!

well what i mean is, is this the right thing to do? what if it is the palestinian flag? then i’m sure the police will take action – ask whoever to do it to erase it off. but being an israeli flag…. nothing. oops yes i forgot… sure lah because ours is a double standard country.

oh another thing i guess i’m being too naive. sttepping on a painted israeli flat is nothing compare to burning of the flag – which the authorities already allowed people to do, so what is stepping on the flag?

btw, last friday i attended an ‘inter-faith vigil prayer for peace in gaza’ at the cathedral of the holy spirit (church) in penang. 6 different faith were represented – islam, hinduism, budhism, sikhism, brahma kumaris and of course christianity.

anil netto was present too and he gave a talk about the israel-palestine conflict, touching on the history and land issue. the isalm rep. also gave a talk but couldn’t remember what it was about. his powerpoint presentation words were too small for me to read though i was seated at 2nd row. well what i could clearly remember/saw was the heading which stated ‘STOP THE WAR – HENTIKAN MEMERANGI PENDUDUK PALESTINE’. strange. if it is ‘stop the war’ why only mention to stop attacking the palestinians.

all the different faith, one by one, went up to the rostrum to pray in their own language. i like the hindu chant of "om… oom… shanti…. shan….om…. oom". very meledious. oh and btw, he was the only one who said "we will pray for the people of palestine and the people of israel".

see pictures and read about it at anil’s blog.

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