say no to the ugly tilting arches

this is about the arches at the botanical gardens, penang.

received this from the sembang-sembang google group:

The Ministry of Tourism is conducting a survey on the 2 huge controversial arches at the entrance to the Penang Botanic Gardens. Established in 1884, the Garden is the only Botanic Gardens in this country, beloved to the people of Penang and visitors,  and currently being mismanaged and abused with inappropriate and massive development projects.

The arches have become symbolic of this mismanagement. Please vote NO and show your displeasure to the Ministry and the State so that the situation may be addressed and hopefully improved.

Please visit the Ministry of Tourism website and take the survey. The survey is right on the main page as you open the site.

Please take note that the question is ‘Should the arches be RETAINED?’  I hope you agree that the answer should clearly be NO.

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