malaysian PM/DPM are PM/DPM for malays

… because the DPM had said “i’m malay first, malaysian last” while the PM endorsed what he said and said there’s nothing wrong with it, which means the PM also is saying “i’m malay first.”

i know… this is old news but since i have not blog about it yet, i have to blog about it.  this is something i must have up in my blog.

it is very dangerous for leaders to say “i’m malay first”.  the DPM by saying he is malay first, means he will speak up/defend for the malays first. isn’t a PM/DPM suppose to be a PM/DPM for all malaysians? then why didn’t the DPM said he’s a malaysian first? oh well, he only served to confirm to us that the umno leaders only have malays’ interests at heart (actually more of ‘umno malays’ than ‘malays’ in general).

earlier, zorro had blog asking the PM “are you a PM for malaysians or for umno malays?”.  zorro also stated that the PM,  was not chosen by all malaysians.  the PM was chosen by only 191 persons… these 191 from umno. the rakyat has no say in choosing a PM!

well… look at it this way… ironic, isn’t it… since he was chosen by umno (delegates) only, so in a way he is a PM for umno malays only!!

but then where does his 1malaysia comes in? isn’t the 1malaysia concept means (apart from others) that all races are inclusive in any matters? doesn’t 1malaysia also means 1 PM for all malaysians? then why the PM said he is malay first? HYPOCRISY that’s why!!! that’s why 1malaysia is all cock and bull, nonsense, bullshit, crap! it’s 2malaysia instead!

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