around the blogosphere… the al-islam issue


the nutgraph (al-islam breached code of ethics)  had a second story – this time they interviewed the bishop of penang.

then on 14 july, there was a report on this issue in the star (‘reporters who entered church face charges of disharmony’) and the sun (‘police probe al islam report over report offensive to catholics’)  .

there is also a video up on malaysiakini where both stanley and joachim (the two who made the police report) were interviewed. (watch it at youtube if you can’t see it on malaysiakini)


here are links of blogs that blogs on this issue about muslim men spying in catholic churches as i blog two days ago. if you know of any links missing, do let me know. i’ll update as i discover more.

malaysian first, malaysian last – this is literally crossing the line
dustyhawk – ravenous religious bigots
the digital awakening – when you do not respect my religion
kopi sejuk – faith
mucked in a jam – al-islam: muslim reporters spying in catholic church?
kinabalukini – police report on muslim men spying in malaysia catholic churches
margeemar – muslim men spying on churches and committing sacrileges!
ktemoc konsiders – catholics outraged be violation against sacred communion with god
mahaguru –
al-islam’s undercover operation at catholic church – it’s implications discussed by mahaguru58
screenshot (jeff ooi) – do you read al-islam?

the two famous blogs – where there are lots of comments:
susan loone – police report on muslim men spying in catholic churches
malaysia today – muslim men spying in catholic churches

finally, the blog of stanley himself, one of those who made the police report.

discussed in a catholic answers forum

the nut graph had called joachim and reported on it – catholics lodged report against al-islam

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