stupidity in malaysia – stinks to highest heaven!!

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first of all, long ago, the fact is already there, staring at us – that the 'allah' word is used by christians in other countries and the 'allah' word was in existence before islam came into malaysia… BUT, oh well, stupid is as stupid does – malaysian muslim (some, not all) are claiming copyright to the 'allah' word, that is is for them only, that non muslim should not use it – how stupid can they get? oh wait… yes, they can get more stupid…

just two days into the new year, when i browse through malaysiakini, i read about so many stupid remakrs from the bigots and extremists that i couldn't help shaking my head… and feel so geram.

– the infamous perak mufti and the national fatwa council chairperson said that those who questioned the fatwa on the use of allah should have their citizenship revoked. haha. stupid!  (ref: revoke citizenship of allah dissidents)

– an umno veteran on the matter of where  fr lawrence, editor of the herald, when fr lawrence commented that churches will continue to use the allah word, said that fr lawrence should embrace islam. he even suggested that he will hold a conversion ceremony for fr lawrence and will make fr lawrence a chief mullah or something like that. so farneee…. hahahaha… and  stupid!   (re:f revoke citizenship of allah dissidents)

– muslim groups asking fr lawrence to apologise for his remarks that churches will continue to use allah, to apologise to the sultan and to ALL muslim. excuse me, ALL muslim? who are you to speak for all muslim? oh, if no apology, they will send a protest note to a church in klang. why pick that church? why can't send to the herald office (and direct to fr lawrence then). haha.

– believe it or not, selangor umno plan to hold protest at all catholic churches on sunday if fr lawrence didn't apologise. but wait that is not stupid enough… more to come… believe it – yes the deputy PM say aye to their protest! what double standard from this man! stupid!

– because of a few malay NGO that lodged police report against fr lawrence, the police were so quick in action – immediately hauled up fr lawrence for questioning. wahh…. so hardworking! what if it is the other way round? no action or plenty of excuses. stupid!

i'm sure if i slowly scrutinise the media or google here and there, will find more stupid remarks. ok then! will add in (update) as i find them. the world need to laugh.


– the ex PM, the old man ask why christians want to irritate muslim by using 'allah'. like coming out from a 5 years old kid. a dolt!

– JAIS had wanted to send letters to all the churches in selangor, asking them not to use 'allah'. umno selangor had threatened to protest in front of a klang church. what business is it of them, how christians worship in privacy in their own church? stupid!

– by their above action, it sort of tells that they think their own fellow muslim will attend church? and when they attend church and hear the word 'allah', they will be confused… or get converted? allah used by the christians will be just within the christian community themselves! 

– another moron who said if christians want to use allah, convert to islam

– even the selangor umno chief can be stupid… oh yes, definitely for sure…. telling us that fr lawrence was the one who started it, not the christians. we (christians) are all of the same opinion as fr lawrence so you want all christians to apologise? this moron also back JAIS' raid on BSM and said people have no respect for the sultan. well… then he has no respect for people of other faith! JAIS has power only on muslim, not non muslim. JAIS' raid show they have no respect for freedom of religion. if he support JAIS, means it is stupidity on his part.

– when even the selangor police chief is so stupid as to not know the law! he said on the matter of JAIS raiding BSM, it was under their own accord as the matter was under their jurisdiction. what do you mean under their jurisdiction? they are muslim and the force entry into a non muslim office – that is very wrong. JAIS only has control over muslim! further, if the police has nothing to do with JAIS, why was a police officer accompanying the JAIS team?

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