anti-war protest: double standard again

oh gee, methink i ought to create a category ‘double standard’ in my blog. for past few weeks, there had been a number of posts on the double standard of our gov’t or the police.

this time it was about the anti-war protest. or rather was it anti-israel protest? oh yeah, the ones after friday prayers (9 jan) and/or in/inside mosque, surely is the latter… anti-israel…. nothing happened to them. ‘after friday prayers and mosque’ – well surely this tells you they are muslim. there were umno youth and there were the old man who can’t keep his mouth shut together with his son. and there was this huge one of 5000 or so (so the MSM tells you) in front of the US embassy. 3 different protests – all after friday prayers. nothing happened. not even police presence at some. no, nothing happened. they were allowed to protest. they were not arrested, not to say they were not even warned to disperse.

the following day ‘after the friday prayer’ day, a group of about 200 people gathered at dataran merdeka for an anti-war protest/vigil. it was not after friday prayer. it was not after sunday service. it was not held in/in front of a temple/church. ahh… there were no umnoputera there, and of course no ex PM – aha!  ‘no umnoputera and not after friday prayer’ gave a signal to the light strike force action police to move in…. and wham! before you know it, 21 people were arrested!

huh? what? they were protesting  to show support to palestine, right? and only 200! and all they did were to light candles!

those more than 5000 ‘after friday prayers’ people hold so many banners, yelled and burned israel and US flags…. yet there were no call for them to disperse, no arrest.

if this is not double standard, i’ll eat my shoes with lingam’s chili sauce.

go and read further at nathaniel’s blog, where he asked ‘do they hate us?’. there are several links there that also talk on this double standard and a video from malaysiakini.

latest double standard post – concerning using children in protest. (and before that, lots other! do a search on double standard in my blog, and you’ll know.)

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