just after pray, pray, they came out full of anger and hatred

then why pray? isn’t one suppose to be ‘clean’ and ‘holy’ after prayers?

Meanwhile, about 200 people gathered at the Kampung Baru mosque to protest against the Israeli invasion, and burnt American and Israeli flags to show their anger.

This group was largely made up by Umno Youth members from the Titiwangsa division.

They had started their gathering after the Friday prayers and were led by an exco member from the division, Mohamed Muizz Shadik Mohamed.

see? started gathering after the friday prayers!

"We condemn the Israeli atrocities. We must create awareness of their attacks," said Mohamed Muizz.

great! what about creating awareness of how it was hamas who started it all by firing rockets into israel? or some history of hamas and the muslim brotherhood? or try to educate them on some history lessons here, of which at least it is fair, blaming both palestine and israel. then how about condemning hamas too. one has to when one learn that hamas justified the killing of children. yes indeed! i was shocked to read about that when i was at aisehman’s blog.  his post on ‘weep for gazza‘ is a must read. make sure you go and read it including all the comments.

aisheman highlighted this from the times london:

… a Hamas leader warned that the Islamists would kill Jewish children anywhere in the world in revenge for Israel’s devastating assault.

“They have legitimised the murder of their own children by killing the children of Palestine,” Mahmoud Zahar said in a televised broadcast recorded at a secret location.

“They have legitimised the killing of their people all over the world by killing our people.”

shocking, isn’t it? there are more… remember to hop over to his blog to read.

ok back to the protests in our bolehland. beside the protest at the kg. baru mosque, there was this protest, said to be of 5000 people in front of the us embassy too.  then of course there was this boycott launch at the national mosque lead by the ex PM. (now why do they like to do these sort of things at mosque??).

now the loud-mouthed, can’t stop talking ex PM called for a boycott of american products and currency and also for people to stop patronising macdonald and starbucks for a month. wait, there’s more… getting sillier… he also call for people to resign from working there. can you believe it??

boycott US products? then why is he using a computer? i’m sure he’s using windows OS… which is from US right? what about his blog? it could be hosted in US! very silly! i always maintain boycott is a silly thing and never suport boycott (even the boycott of our mainstream media).

malaysia only embrace one side of the conflict because they are so anti-israel. had been like this for a long time, esp. when the old man was PM, whom everybody knew to be very anti-semitic. and now the the sleeping man, the present PM, too, as manjit bhar rightly pointed out, is full of anti-israel posturing. read that interesting article of manjit, please… which i specailly CnP in my blog.

helen ang, again wrote another good piece too, ‘stop the killing in gaza, how?‘ it was an article hitting out at the star’s wong chun wai’s blog post of the same heading. helen too, like many, had noticed that, malaysia’s stand on this palestine-israel issue is so one sided. go and read the full article.

the second shock i received after the first shock of which hamas said it is ok to kill all jewish children around the world, was when i read that our own dead education minister, with the blessing of the cabinet, wanted to ‘instill hatred against israel atrocities on palestine’.  incredibily shocking coming from an education minister! teaching school children to hate. and why involve school children when the selangor chief police had said it is wrong to involve children in protest…. even the sultan of selangor was reportedly to have say that! i’m sure many parents of school children are equally shocked and they should write a protest letter to the government!

to end, yes i know about an an anti war vigl to be held in penang tonight. knew about it a week ago when i received the info from suaram’s mailing list. but i’m not going to attend nor am i going to announce/promote it. you can read about it in anil netto’s blog of which he mentioned only ‘anti-war’ of course but from the mailing list i received, it was mentioned ‘candlelight vigil in solidarity with the people of palestine’. huh? why in solidarity with the people of palestine and not the people of israel. they too had been attacked, their people too were injured/dead (though of course not as many as palestine). whatever it is, if it is anti-war, so it should be anti-war, not taking side but here it shows clearly they are taking the side of palestine – so what anti-war vigil it is? no thank you, i wouldn’t want to attend at all!.

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