you are invited to my birthday party…

… but please take note that there will be no birthday cake, nor will there be birthday song sung. you must also not bring me birthday presents as i’m not allowed to open presents. the party will be without any activities or indication like a birthday banner/sign that reflect it is my birthday. and while you are at the party, please no speech about how i have lived up to my __ no. of years and how you know me as a nice person.

i won’t fault you if you go "what the hell?? what kind of birthday party is that??"


seems that the folks in PJ had obtained permit for holding the weekly anti-ISA candlelight vigil. ANTI-ISA CANDLELIGHT, see? ANTI-ISA CANDLELIGHT, you read that? methink the police don’t understand what is ANTI-ISA CANDLELIGHT because with the permit, comes with 12 conditions, and among them are:

  • No candles allowed
  • No T-shirts showing support for the Abolition of the ISA allowed
  • “Penganjur dilarang melakukan sebarang aktiviti yang lain yang melambangkan simpati terhadap tahanan Akta Keselamatan Negara” (Organisers are prohibited from any other activity that suggests sympathy towards ISA detainees!)
  • No banners or distribution of leaflets allowed
  • No political speeches allowed

huh? no candles allowed? see, they don’t understand what is CANDLELIGHT!
huh? no anti-ISA t-shirts? see, they don’t understand what is ANTI-ISA

it’s so SILLY, i tell you!

here are the rest of the conditions (taken from anil netto’s post).

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