fuel hike and subsidy

several bloggers had blogged on the fuel subsidy. as i read what they wrote, i remember some years ago when petrol price was increased, the gomen did mentioned that the RM4.4 bil. savings from the hike would be used for public transport. i didn’t see anyone mentioned that until i went to jeff ooi ‘s blog.

yeah so where did the RM4.4 bil subsidy went?

i specifically remember this because i also remember that during that time when i attended a podcast workshop, a podcast recording was made of us participants talking about the petrol hike and i had mentioned that instead of street protest, we should monitor the gomen to make sure the use the RM4.4. bil for public transport.

well i’m sad and ashamed to say i only ‘talk big’ at that time as i didn’t do anything!! true, jerry, the podcaster had asked me how to monitor and i stumbled for an answer. so in truth what can i do really?? so i should have shut my big mouth at that time. haha.

please go to lulu’s blog to read an excellent comparision she made of the total subsidies in between the years, and to aisheman’s blog for a poll on the fuel subsidy.

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