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sorry3.gifmalaysiakini has its newsmaker of the year (or here) and its top ten news of the year. (or here). for my blog, i’m going to choose a blog news of the year, and it is none other than the posts about… apology!!

yes, 2006 had been quite an eventful year of apologies here and there. by ‘apology’ here i don’t only mean someone who apologised but more so on someone demanding someone else to apologise and someone who ought to apologise but didn’t want to.

ok to refresh your memory, i’m going to point out the posts i had made that touch on this subject of apology, in chronological order (beginning from oldest) with some brief notes.

do not resent – be reconciled instead dated 17 aug

japan PM apologised for his country’s role in world war II. later he was mad that his apology got ‘lost in translation’ when the translated apology omitted all reference to colonialism and aggression.

sorry.jpgthe stuborn boy khairy (and self appointed umno defender) dated 28 aug.

this is where the boy son-in-law stir the shit deeper when he insisted he shouldn’t apologised when he was fighting for umno.

apology here but not there dated 15 sept

on what deputy minister of higher education, ong tee keat said about some chinese schools misappropriating school funds. the education minister, the one who is famous for waving the keris got all fired up and told off ong, labelling him a racist. quick as a lightning, the minister of higher education, dr mustapha, apolgised to kerismuddin for what ong had said. huh? why did he apologised? and when it was found out that ong was right, why didn’t kerismuddin apologised to ong?

khairy should learn from the pope dated 20 sept.

the pope apologised for his remarks that hurt the feelings of muslim but the stuborn arrogant young man refused to apologise for his remarks that hurt the chinese.

here we go again dated 29 sept

foreign minister, syed hamid singapore should apologise for lee kuan yew’s racist remarks.

KJ, hisham did not apologise, why should LKY? dated 2 oct.
this post is CnP from malaysiakini letter. the writer was amused that malaysian leaders call on singapore’s lee kuan yew to apologise when there were countless times our own malaysian leaders made racist or derogatory remarks and yet they did not apologise.

’tis the season of apology dated 3 oct.

here i mentioned about lee kuan yew apologising for his remarks on malaysia marginalising the chinese but i also touched on the two umnoputera who refused to apologise and one umnoputera who apologised for the wrong reason.

the apology cartoon dated 21 oct

this cartoon was done by astrosurge and he brilliantly depicted apology that touch on the famous son-in-law remarks, ASLI’s find on bumi’s equity, lee kuan yew’s remarks on malaysia and the haze caused by indonesia.

the tearful apology dated 1 nov.

remember the infamous case of klang councillor, zakaria who build a mansion without approval? well, he made a teaful apology for breaking the ‘no building plan’ approval and explained why he needed the mansion. (sic!)
those religious extremist at it again dated 13 nov.

one muslim protested that the cover of an ice cream box with a picture of a swirl of an ice cream looked like the word ‘allah’ in arabic and demanded that the ice cream company withdraw their ice cream and apologised to muslims.

the leaders of the mob should apologise dated 22 nov

many crazy muslims over-reacted to the sms they received about a mass baptism of muslim children in an ipoh church and gathered in front of the church to demonstrate. it was found that the sms was false, no baptism, they had gathered there disrupting the church service in church and frightening the church goers and yet none of the leaders of the various groups (e.g. PAS, jakim, keadilan) apologised to the church.

again… another UMNO putera who wouldn’t want to apolgise dated 23 nov.

this is where the information minister, zam labelled the chinese fighting against the japanese as communists. he was asked to apologise but he stubbornly (ain’t that so like an UMNOputera?) refused and made himself a fool when he made some remarks about him being part of history.


so there you are – 11 posts of mine touching on apologies for the year 2006. what’s yours news of the year in your blog, or what’s your post of the year? i wonder in this year of 2007, will we get to hear of silly or wrong things being said and done by our MP or VIP and being arrogant or proud, refused to apologised? let’s wait and see….

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