apology here but not there

sorry.jpgthe 3 stoogers won’t apologise. to them, they agree with elton john, that sorry seems to be the hardest word… but one musketeer was oh so quick to apologise… and for the wrong reason too.

well, my post below refers – what ong tee keat, the deputy higher education minister had said that ticked off the education minister so much that he had to point a racial finger at ong. this musketeer i am refering to was the chief of ong, the higher education minister itself, mustapa mohamad.

why do i say wrong reason?

first of all why was he apologising on behalf of another person? strange. if i am a victim and someone apologise on behalf of my perperator, it wouldn’t mean a thing to me.
secondly what was so wrong of ong to allege that funds meant for chinese school renovation had been misappropriated? many people had made allegations of this and that, including our former PM, who recently alleged that voters in kubang pasu was bribed. what do you do if there are allegations? investigate! prove the person wrong! (of course hopefully not right!). then only you apologise.
thirdly i have a feeling he apologised because of wanting to ‘bodek’ the education minister or just because he wants a good relationship with the kerismuddin guy, so must quickly apologise lah, no matter what. well he said it:

“Ever since I became minister, I have tried to establish a good working relationship between the two ministries,” he said.

“I hope that the Deputy Higher Education Minister’s statement will not jeopardise the close cooperation that has been forged.”

oh well, all well ends well. he accept the apology and the row with ong ends. and all this without ong, the person who started it, being involved. oh great. how i love my UMNOputera ministers.

finally, could all this be, as rockybru claimed, merely a diversion, and poor ong was just a punching bag?

all together now, let’s say it again – UMNO rules!

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