now it’s hishamuddin playing the racial card

my post earlier talked about the DPM playing the racial card when he stated that dr koh (penang’s CM) should be a CM for all races. now i present to you another example of an UMNO MP, a top man in the gomen playing racial card – mind you, chief of UMNO youth and education minister, ok.

this is regarding what the deputy higher education minister, ong, said, or as he claimed that the press had ‘put words into his mouth’ (he did not said what the press reported). he was reported to say that government officers had misused funds earmarked for refurbishment of a few chinese schools in johor. however yesterday he denied that and said that all he said was that government money given to schools should not be wasted and there should be some kind of monitoring.

well i don’t care whether he did accused govt officers misusing school funds or whatever. what shocked me was after that report in the paper where he was alleged to made that allegations, kerismuddin, the education minister and UMNO youth chief, played the racial card when he remarked:

“it is as if ong wants to show that he is the only leader who champions the cause of the chinese.”

why on earth did he said that? just because ong is a chinese and in MCA? wasn’t that racial? whether ong did or did not accuse govt officers of mishandling school funds, it has nothing to do with race… but this kerismuddin see race all over. imagine… our top men in the govt and don’t forget in education… so quick to jump on the racial bandwagon. what on earth are all these top-guns trying to educate the young people?. *sigh* sad. i cry for my country. 🙁

read lim kit siang’s take on this issue:
school renovations misappropriation – tee kiat should be commended and not pilloried.
is ong ka ting to apologise on behalf of ong kee tiat?
on a side note, specially for penangites, please note that ong of malvu (no lah, not this ong tee keat) is organising a forum on ‘racial politics’ today at 8.00pm. hop on to his site to find out the details if you are interested.

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