speak for your own party, hishamuddin!

He said youth leaders would be reminded not to play the race and religion cards for instant popularity.

now, who immediately spring to your mind on reading that? why,mr UMNO youth chief, it’s your own deputy, the famous son-in-law of course!

tell that to khairy! don’t tell it to the other BN youth components.

Hishammuddin said youth leaders would be cautioned not to react emotionally to those who exploited the harmony between the races with SMS or Internet rumours.

yeah yeah yeah… who were the ones who gathered in huge numbers after a sms message – PAS, keadilan, JIM, ABIM…. UMNO!! your own party!

Hishammuddin, who is also Education Minister, added that Umno Youth would explain its call last year to revive the New Economic Policy in a manner that all races could accept.

mentioned NEP, ‘special privileges for bumis’ ring in my ear. mana boleh all races?

finally, this take the cake:

He said his wing would explain the Malay agenda as a matter of common interest for all Malaysians in the pursuit of becoming a developed country.

excuse me? malay agenda for ALL malaysians? how on earth can that be? do you mean non malays must kow-tow to malay agenda to develop along with the country?

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