is the DPM playing racial card too?

yes, so is he, when he made a remark that he wants dr koh (penang’s CM) to prove he is a CM for all races? as lim kit siang pointed out, after 16 years as a CM, and now najib wants him to prove that, means dr koh’s clout and standing in top barisan nasional (BN) circles cannot be high.

oh well, i thought we already knew that. all non UMNO members in BN don’t have high standings. BN is UMNO. UMNO is BN.

najib, like the keris waving UMNO youth chief, hishamuddin, i see is standing up/agreeing/backing those UMNO youth who cried that ‘orang melayu pulau pinang’ had been marginalised by the chinese CM, when he made this remark that dr koh should prove he is a CM for all races.

i ask you then, mr najib, are you a DPM for all races? is the govt a govt of all races? if it is, why are there priveleges like bumiputera getting discount for buying houses? fine thing if you want to ask others to be fair to all races but please look at yourself first before making that remark. what… the peribahasa (idiom) said it well – ‘kuman di seberang laut nampak tetapi gajah di depan mata tidak nampak’… right?
talking about the malays being marginalised here’s one good comment i found in kit’s blog by a person with the handle billy: (emphasis my own)

Let’s put things into better perspective. UMNO “owns” the airforce, army, navy, police and all uniformed branches in the country. Strategic ministries in the government are controlled by them. The civil staff are mainly Malays. The nation’s coffer is managed (or mismanaged) by UMNO. The country’s education system is decided by them and every Penangite knows that KTK is a lameduck CM as the person who is calling the shots is actually the DCM who is an UMNO representative. Despite all these, I find it unbelievable that the Malays are being marginalised for if it is so, then the fault lies with UMNO and not KTK. What do you expect when these UMNO pirates are busy cleaning out the nation’s coffers so much so they have neglected their own people’s welfare. Najib have asked KTK to prove that he is the CM for all Penangites. Is there really a need? How about me asking UMNO whether they are a party for the people, and I will personnally give a big fat NO!!

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