*sigh* playing the racial card again

as if we have not heard enough of racial rhetorics from the umno general assembly, here comes the ‘self appointed guardian of islam’ ex MP from kulim, zulkifool, pointing his hands at the chinese.

“the chinese will rule if PR takes over putrajaya” he said. well not exact words but it was what he meant when he revealed a secret pact between PKR and DAP…. and worst… he said DAP was responsible for starting may 13!

well wasn’t what he said consider as seditious, just like what najib had said that, there’ll be bloodshed, crushed bodies, lost lives, ethnic cleansing if umno lost putrajaya? of course! but since they are not from the opposition, they are not non umno malays (well zoo still denied he’s umno friendly but we all know better), there will be no action against them.

*sigh*  what to do, that’s bolehland for you. go and read what this zoo guy had to say in the malaysian insider.  at the time of writing, there are near 200 comments! read the comments. some are very good.

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