’tis the season of apology

ok. so LKY finally apologised (but… read and see. )

tra la la la – ’tis the season of apology… at least for great men, not for little men like our two UMNO boys.

sorry21.jpgfirst we have the hero boy KJ hurting the feelings of the chinese but he firmly said he will not say sorry. then we have the pope with his quote from an ancient emperor which ‘hurt the feelings of muslims’ and he was asked to apologise… and he did. then we have kerismuddin accusing ong tee keat of being racial when he try to expose the misuse of funds of a chinese school – and the higher education minister, mustapa mohd was quick to come in to say sorry to kerismuddin; but then we learned that ong was right, and so hope kerismuddin would apologise to ong but oh no, of course he won’t. (jatuh muka, see). and now we have singapore’s lee kuan yew (LKY) saying something that is true but as the MPs all were swimming in the nile river, they hit out at him and asked him to apologiseand he did.

khairy boy (KJ) – no apology bcos he was fighting for his own race.

hishamuddin – no apology, due to him being ‘higher up’ then ong?

mustapa – aplogised BUT for the wrong reason. nobody asked him to!

pope – well known figure… much well known than KJ and hish – apologised.

lee kuan yew – again well known figure… much well known than those 2 UMNOputera – apologised.

what does this tells us?

oh ye great men and little men.

will our two home boys turned out to be as great and as well known as the two who apologised? will one of them be a PM one day? will one of them be worldwide known?
ok LKY said “i am sorry for the remark…”

“I am sorry that what I said has caused you a great deal of discomfort. After a decade of troubled relations with your predecessor, it is the last thing I wanted.”

then, taking after LKY (and the pope) why can’t KJ said “i am sorry what i said hurt the feelings of the chinese” (since he is stuborn, no need to say ‘i am sorry for what i had said’ – LKY didn’t say that either!!).

full text of the original letter of LKY to our PM. 

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