pope and muslim

pope.jpg*sigh* don’t tell me here it comes again – just like the danish cartoon thingy. violent reaction. as someone rightly said, they are resorting to violence to protest against statement that accused them of violence. how ironic. will the pope silently said “thank you for proving my point”?

since this is big news, by now you would all have known about the pope’s speech that angered muslims all over the world.

i am not going to say much but i am going to give lots of links for reading.

first from two bloggers. read especially the comments. some worthy comments i highlighted here.



Now with the full text, we can safely say the media has once again played up the controversy.
In no way does it put Islam in a negative light merely asking questions that non-Muslims all want to know. Do Islam take that right to ask away from non-Muslim and if so what hope is there then?

unreasonable II

Hate to burst the Muslims’ bubble but I don’t think that the Pope was really talking about you guys this time. His whole address was aimed at the university and the academics there, telling them that despite this era of science God has not lost its raison d’être.

keeping the faith

So, the proper thing Muslims should do is to ENGAGE in CIVILIZED discussions and explanations, to tell the CORRECT, MUSLIM VERSION of the story about their religion and their holy Prophet. To correct people’s PREJUDICE, WRONG impression by educating them, to let them know the TRUTH.

keeping the faith II


why pope benedict said it

“Didn’t the Talibans of Afghanistan destroyed the 2000 years old Giant Buddhas of Bamiyan ?Did Thailand , Sri Lanka , China , Taiwan and other Buddist nations or any buddists take revenge for this barbaric act ? Did any Islamic country or Muslims criticize the Talibans ?”

pope says sorry

“Agree with your last words, it did show greatness for a man with his status to say the S word.”

btw, the pope say sorry for hurting the feelings of muslims (hmm… why he didn’t know they can be highly sensitive and easily offended one eh), and not sorry for his speech. a commenter, ‘notso’ in aisehman’s blog had predicted it so well (which came true):

You are right. Some people do get upset even though they have not read the Pope’s speech in its entirety and in context.

The speech has inadvertently hurt the feelings of some people who probably only heard about the speech. Nevertheless, I predict that the Pope would apologise to the Muslim community for causing hurt feelings ( but not the substance of the speech) and reach out in love to those who have misunderstood him.

german conservative defends pope

the speech that made muslims mad

the media ignoring the substance of pope benedict’s remarks while letting muslims be the victim
this link above comes from michelle malkin’s blog which has some very good posts on the issue with several pictures.

peaceful religion watch from littlegreenfootballs (LGF) blog is also an interesting read with interesting picture such as the one you see here below, showing the burning of the pope’s effigy. gee… see, it comes to destroying buildings and burning of effigy. why ah that didn’t happened when the da vinci code movie was out?


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