khairy should learn from the pope

the pope apologised… twice in fact. he had said “i am sorry for hurting the feelings of the muslim.”remember khairy boy with his infamous remarks of the chinese taking advantage of UMNO? he had hurt the feelings of the chinese and he was asked to apologise but he stubornly refused. in fact, he make matters worst when he said:

it has never crossed my mind to apologise to those i who are hurt by what i said in kedah.last week. for me if we truly fight for our race, one should not apologise.

picture above taken from maverick without permission. never mind lah. i gave credit, see.

what? it’s ok to hurt other people’s feelings when you are defending your own race/religion? i would feel ashamed of him if he is fighting for my race in such manner!!

the pope is such a popular worldwide known figure and yet he humbled himself to apologise immediately, and here we have our famous son-in-law refusing to apologise. no wonder he is a boy and not a man.

note: interesting read from DAP’s lim guan eng on the hypocrite SIL boy.


For a millionaire Malay like Khairy Jamaluddin to complain that Malays are marginalised in Penang is hypocritical and discriminatory. For ignoring non-Malays, who are marginalised not just in Penang but also (together with other non-Penang Malays) throughout Malaysia.

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