here we go again…

… the foreign minister, syed hamid said that singapore should apologise for lee kuan yew’s ‘racist’ remarks. earlier, if you remember, he also opened his big mouth to say the pope should made a full apology.

“They should (apologise) for the sake of the two supposedly good neighbouring countries, they should do that.

“That statement went beyond fair comment, describing something that is not true in our country, an instigation. So I think with all honesty, it should be polite for them to say they were sorry,” he told reporters after a meeting of the Umno Supreme Council, here.

gawd! can someone shut him up? i’m ashamed to have him as our foreign minister.

why doesn’t he look at his own backyard – his own country; why didn’t he call for the son-in-law khairy boy to apologise when raised some sensitive racial issues and hurt the feelings of non malays.

a malaysiakin writer, amar AA, put it nicely in this way:

Amid calls from Umno leaders for Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew to apologise for his remarks that the Chinese minority in Malaysia and Indonesia are systematically marginalised, Lee may want to rely on the premise that ‘there is no need to apologise if I am defending my race.’

After all, that infamous defence was used by no less a person than the prime minister’s son-in-law against his fellow countrymen. And given that he is an Oxford graduate, the senior statesman, being a Cambridge product, could use the phrase assuredly.

about what lee kuan yew said, many bloggers (notably ktemoc) had already blog on it, and we had also read many views from people e.g. in malaysiakini. most of them agree with lee kuan yew! as usual, i have to say it – the nile is not only a river but de-nial is also something the gomen like to put on use, each time a truth is spoken. *sigh*

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