gila punya samy

it was so funny. listening to the 7.00pm news on ntv7, i heard that samy velu had issued a statement calling for a ban (at beritamalaysia) on all deepavali celebration. why? as a mark of protest for the demolition of a temple in kg. rimba jaya in shah alam. wait… that’s not the funny, gila part. just 5 mins or less after hearing the tv news announcer said that (the ban), she said "berita terkini, kami baru terima" (the latest news we had just received) – and the ‘berita terkini’ was that MIC had retracts the ban! (at beritamalaysia)

haha. that’s so funny. can you imagine that? one minute ban, then one minute no ban. oh well… ok, it’s near 3 hours actually. our ayo-yo sami person called for the ban, yes, but less than 3 hours later, retracted it. gila, kan? what is he up to eh? something to do with deepavali day is also one of the days of the UMNO’s assembly?

i had blog here on UMNO’s assembly falling on deepavali day highlighting a malaysiakini letter writer ‘s lament that  indians are a forgotten lot. well, malaysiakini mentioned there was a speculation that samy’s call for the ban because UMNO’s choice of date for the AGM on deepavali date was a slap in the face of MIC.

Other observers are also saying that the temple was not the only factor for the decision to ban Deepavali celebrations.

They speculate that the fact that Umno was holding its annual general meeting during Deepavali was also a slap in the face for MIC, resulting in Samy Vellu deciding to just cancel any festivity celebrations by the party.

and it also ended with:

All eyes will now be on Samy Vellu and his party leaders to see if they would be attending a national-level Deepavali open house organised by the Culture, Art and Heritage Ministry on Nov 11 at the KL Sentral parking space in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

i bet my bottom ringgit that he will sure attend the open house!!

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