“thou shalt not publish in bahasa”

my post ‘ya allah! what the hell is wrong with the home ministry’ refers.

in that post i had asked:
so again is the government telling us how weak the faith of the muslim in malaysia is???

why do you think i pose that question?

well, the gomen when they ban the herald from publishing its bahasa version, why do you think they do that? they are scared that the malays (esp. those who don’t understand english but only bahasa) who on reading the herald in bahasa, will suddenly feel the urge to convert to the catholic faith. in other words, the gomen don’t trust their own fellow muslim; they feel their fellow muslim faith in islam is weak – just because they read a catholic publication in bahasa, they will want to convert; just because they read the word ‘allah’ in a catholic publication, they will turn stupid and think the herald is talking about islam.

way to go, syed hamid! way to go home ministry! come, show me more of your silly actions, and make my day.

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in jan. 2, malaysiakini wrote that the herald threaten action against the gov’t. the archbishop (picture, courtesy of malaysiakini) was ‘totally perplexed’ over the ban and said that the the suspension which "reeks of ill will and bad faith" and was effectively a punishment for the legal battle that is due to be settled next month.

"We are therefore advised and verily believe that this condition constitutes a serious violation of our constitutional freedom of expression and speech," he said in the letter, a copy of which has been obtained by AFP.

true. don’t we have a right to publish in bahasa? after all, bahasa is the national language! someone in some blog had mentioned it is very ironic that on one hand, we are encouraged to use our national language but now, on the other hand, when herald use the national language, the gomen didn’t allowed!

oh there is also the ruling that the herald must have print clearly on the frong page ‘for christians only’ published right in front. huh?? as if, by having those words on the cover, non christians dare not touch/open the herald?? real stupid! oh why didn’t the gomen said instead to print ‘not for muslim’?? ha! then only stupid muslim like syed hamid seeing that, dare not read the  paper.

i really don’t see why should a christian paper that is sold only to christian catholics have the words "for christians only’ on it. the home ministry is so otak kering to think that, that would stop non christians from reading it IF they happen to get a copy of it. even if they  read it, so what? it’s not as though non christians who read it, will feel the urge to convert!

as it was mentioned already in my earlier post (from the article from the strait times), the editor of the herald, fr. lawrence said that over 50% of our catholic population are bumiputera who read, write and understand only bahasa, thus it is totally unfair, unconstitutional to ban the malay edition!! :mad  also, after all the herald has a low circulation (14,000 only) and is sold in churches only. so why in the world is the home ministry so jumpy?? so scared??

well, i hope the church will take court action against the gomen! it is real ridiculous to not allow us to publish in the national language! once again, the botak syed hamid had made us a laughing stock in the eyes of the world!

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