UMNO is very racist!

and that is because they still hold on to KETUANAN MELAYU (malay supremacy/dominance/hegemony).

proof of them being racist, first of all lots of proof alone from report of the recent protest they organised  in penang.

But when Azam allowed a delegation from the group to do so, the leaders declined claiming that it was pointless to meet a chief minister who had made up his mind “to destroy the Malays”.

why did he said that? how does he know guan eng is a CM that will destroy the malays. . after all, guan eng is less than a week old  CM! ah. . . . of course he said that because guan eng is a chinese. wasn’t that racist? to further  confirmed it was, look what he said here:

A number of Umno representatives will however hand over the memorandum to Penang Yang Dipertua Negeri Abdul Rahman Abbas in a weeks’ time.

"hand over the memo to penang YDN " . . . who is a malay! In other words, he trusted a malay but not a chinese. wasn’t that racist?

"This is a Malay country, but Malays are marginalised in their own country, " said Ahmad, who also  described PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim "as a traitor who had sold the Malays to Chinese and  Indians".

malay country? what? only the malays help to run this country, develop this country, make this country into what it is today? hey, you forgot ah why the NEP, which you insisted on keeping was first started? ti was because the chinese dominated the economy, the chinese who were good at business, were the ones who keep the country’s economy up. indians too contributed a lot of their labours through work in the estates and plantation. as much as the malays contributes to building up malaysia, so does the chinese and indians… so why said this is a malay country? oh, because they are racist!

When asked whether it was premature to hold the protest as the state government was barely a weeks’  old, Ahmad said the Penang Malays were provoked by Lim’s anti-Malay statement.

just that one statement from lim guan eng (which they had taken out of context anyway) they accused him as being anti-malay? did lim in any way said he did not want the malays to hold on to NEP, or even mentioned the words ‘malay’ when he talked about reviewing NEP?  then how come this ahmad guy  attacked lim as anti malay? of course, because he is racist!

next news article.

Another speaker was former Gerik MP Datuk Dr Wan Hashim Wan Teh, who reminded the new state government not to challenge Malay supremacy or the New Economic Policy.

go get a life, you racist gerik MP! anyone who talk about ketuanan melayu (malay supremacy) is a downright racist!

third news article (er…  this is not about UMNO but NGO but i’m sure these NGO members are also UMNO members!):

Some 20 Perak Malay non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have voiced concern over the fate of Malays under the new DAP-PKR-PAS government in the state.

so what? fate of malays will suffer  under their hands? why malays? why not chinese or indians too? they only care about their own race because they are racist!

“There should be more Malays in the exco line-up,” Nonee Ashirin said, adding that the exco should instead have six Malays and four non-Malays, like the representation under the Barisan Nasional rule.

why must there be more malays? just because they said in perak there are more malays than non malays, so the exco should have more malays too? a bunch of idiots they are, as kenny law pointed out but i would say also a bunch of racists!

4th news article:

The group asked Khalid not to even consider a non-Malay for the number two post, and to maintain the previous number of Malay executive councillors in the state.

why?? why so scared of a non malay as deputy MB? why want the exco line-up to have more malays? because to them, only a malay deputy MB, malays exco can represent them. because if a non malay is deputy MB, more non malay in exco line-up, they scared their KETUANAN MELAYU will be eroded. isn’t this racist?

Abdul Shukur also said that PKR and DAP had been disrespectful and insensitive towards the Malays when they supported the move to abolish the New Economic Policy which had benefited both the Malays and other races. 

first he mentioned "…. insensitive to the malays….", then he mentioned "…. which had benefited both the malays and other races."  so why then didn’t he at first said "…. insensitive to all the races" instead of "… insensitive to the malays’? if NEP benefited all races, as he claimed, then why didn’t the other races protest? why only UMNO protest?… because they are racist!

then of course we have not too long ago when lim kit siang called for a boycott of the perak MB swearing-in, UMNOputera jumped all over him but when it was their own UMNOputera people who called for a boycott, they pretend they don’t know anything. they keep quiet. they did not lashed out at their own people. why? they only lashed out at non malays, see – racist!

some of you would refer to these incidents i pointed out as ‘double standard’ only. yep rightly it is double standard but to me it is double standard with racism thrown in.

before i end, here are some interesting articles regarding ketuanan melayu from some prominent writers/bloggers.

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oops. no, not yet the end. gonna end with this very interesting bit from one of my favourite malaysiakini writer, kim quek:

It is through racism that Umno is able to maintain its hegemony through racial divide and rule. While in power, it amends the constitution and enacts laws that abrogate democracy in a continuous process that eventually have allowed it to have amassed immense autocratic power over the executive. It manipulates the democratic institutions – the judiciary, the Attorney-General’s Chambers, the police, the ACA, the Election commission, the civil service, etc – to serve the parochial interests of the party.

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