allah itu kasih

this picture, a church in indonesia,  is taken from a friend’s facebook.

the words up there right above the cross – ‘allah itu kasih’ (god is love).

see? indonesia is a muslim country… the muslim population much much more than the muslim population in malaysia, yet they have no problem with others using allah. why then umno MPs have problem? why then certain malaysian muslims have problems? oh, the shame… they are insecure and weak in their faith, easily confused. (not all said it but lots of umno MP said it). of course the other reason is umno just want to politcise this issue.

btw,  ‘allah it kasih’ reminds me of a popular hymn in english ‘god is love’ that we sing in church. i’m going to translate the chorus to bahasa and see if muslims who read it will get confused (or angry!). the lyrics are meaningful too if you notice, part of it saying “but only wheen we love all men, can we partake of god’s love.” – yeah if you don’t love all men, including those of different faith from you, how can god love you or how can you say you love god? (will put up the english lyrics later) bahasa first (my own translation) followed by the original in english.


cinta yang lahirkan kami
dan cinta yang selematkan kami
cinta adalah rancangan allah bila ia buat manusia
memang allah itu cinta
kami dilahirkan kerana cinta allah, mari kami cinta allah
itu lah sebab allah mahu kami cinta ia
tetapi hanya bila kami cinta semua manusia
barulah kami boleh dapat cinta allah


Love it was that made us,
And it was love that saved us.
Love was God’s plan when He made men,
God’s divine nature is love.
Born of God’s love, we must love Him,
That’s why He made us to love Him,
But only when we love all men
Can we partake of God’s love.
But only when we love all men
Can we partake of God’s love.


out of topic – an SOS message!

can someone please help me out? my home PC, after i adjusted the resolution from medium to high and after restart, the message ‘out of frquency’ appears in the centre of a box, and below the box appears ‘power management’ with 15 secs on, slowly ticking down until 0 secs, then suddenly poof!! the PC went off all together.  i did try to contact my brother for help. he asked me to go to safe mode to boot, yes i went to safe mode but can’t boot – after the window logo appeared, same ‘out of frequency’ message appeared. he also asked me to try adjust the setting on the monitor but under the menu of the monitor, i see nothing to do with resolution for adjustment. PLEASE HELP! what should i do? i can’t use the PC at all as it won’t boot up (now i’m using my notebook).

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