the allah issue – the problem with islamic education & political interests

this is a very long but intersting article by wan imran wan chik.


11 Churches attacked by arsonist, a result from Muslim extremist in Malaysia had finally put Malaysia in International headlines. From the front cover of International Herald Tribune ( IHT ), to the front cover of Financial Times ( FT ), to reports on worldwide news such as BBC, Al-Jazeera and even CNN. A feat which in any other circumstances would not be easy to be achieved by such a small country as Malaysia, except Malaysia appears on the front covers of these papers for all the wrong reasons, tarnishing the very image of Malaysia Internationally, and more over painting a bad image of Muslims in Malaysia in particularly, further enforcing the age old infamous ‘stereotype’ about Islam being a religion of ‘terrorist’ and ‘extremist’, the Malays in Malaysia who are predominantly Muslim, through such extremist behaviors have in-fact only helped to ‘enforce’ this negative stereotype of Islam even further, making Muslims worldwide to feel ‘ashamed’ of their fellow counterparts in Malaysia…the Malays who call themselves ‘Muslims’ through such actions of violence shown recently.

But the very actions of these ‘extremist’ Muslims cum Malays –burning down Churches and their protests towards Christians having the right to use the very word ‘Allah’ to describe GOD in their own publications- in general truly contradict with what is taught in Islam itself and what is being taught and written in the Muslim Book- The Koran itself- which all Muslims profess and believe as The Word of GOD HIMSELF. For in Islam, Christians and Jews/Judaism are called ‘The People of the Book’, and it has been written in the Quran itself…

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