exciting weekend ahead

whoa! exciting weekend ahead for me.

i’ll be leaving penang for kl this afternoon. will be staying at my ‘spicy’ friend, lynnee’s house.

i am looking forward to saturday… because of the bloggers gathering. Lots of bloggers have signed up to attend – more than 50.  it would be exciting to meet so many popular bloggers, like the speakers, and many of my bloggers mates like howsy, maverick, xpyre, lulu.  have you  registered to attend? if no, you would  be missing out  on one of the most exciting blogging event of the year. i kid you not!  wait till the even over, the  story/write-up will speak for itself.

i’ll be looking forward to an exciting evening when the gathering kick off at 6.00pm with a forum with 7 speakers. after the forum, it’s buffet time, and that’s the time when we get to mingle around and get to know each other. btw, you will all know me since i’ll be at the registration table, and i’m the short and fat one.

out of the 7 speakers, i had met 3 of them before – jeff, tony and sonia. it would be great to meet the others esp. marina mahathir.

i’m sure the gathering will be a huge success. why not, with capable people in the committee (7 of us all together) like howsy and desi and of course me (ahem).

i’ll be back with lots of stories to tell and of course lots of photos. hope i have time (or remember) to take photos. if no, never mind as i’m sure many of the bloggers who attends will be armed with camera.

note:  surprise! we are in world news! (though some facts they have them wrong).

ok the next day on a sunday i have another exciting event to attend – the broadway musical play ‘my fair lady‘ at KLCC.  seen the movie starring audrey hepburn and rex harrison ages  ago and grew to love it very  very much.  of course i especially love the songs.

‘my fair lady’ is one of my favorite musical movie which i had seen long ago. when i found out that the play was going to perform in kl and the dates happened to coincide with the bloggers gathering date, i was excited. ahh i thought to myself, this could be an opportunity for me to watch the play… but i was wondering do i have to go alone? not many people are interested in this kind of play, more so because of the steep ticket price. anyway i thought to give it a shot and asked lynnee if she is interested. surprise! she was.

so i’ll be off to see the show with her on sunday afterwards. well of course we bought the cheapest seat which is at RM100 but lynnee got 20% off for it, thus RM80.

i am very excited as this will be my first time watching a live musical broadway show. last time when ‘grease’ was performed in kl, i had wanted to see it but no opportunity. next i hope ‘the sound of music’ play will be here.

i’ll be leaving kl on monday morning, thus it’ll be home sweet home on monday afternoon. ok! can continue blogging on tuesday early morn for now, for these 3 days i.e. saturday, sunday and monday no blogging from me… unless i can find some free wireless spots  – i can blog with my dell axim pda. wouldn’t that be great?

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