fu-yoh!! awesome gathering!!

UPDATED:  zan azlee of fatbidin’s video of the event is up! must see! click here immediately!

the blogger !s gathering was great. according to the list i have (regsitration) 83 people turned up!  there might be more as some might forgot to sign in. the forum was so interesting that it was extended 15 mins.

kena fined

i arrived at kl at 5.15pm at the ktm old station and took the komuter train to subang jaya… or so i thought. Instead of taking the pelabuhan klang train i took the seremban train and silly me didn’t realized it until the train reach nilai.

so getting down at nilai station i had to cross over the other side to take the train back to kl sentral. silly me didn’t see the overhead bridge and walked across the railway track. i was shocked when the railway staff at the station summoned me and scolded me for walking across the track and not using the overhead bridge instead. though i told him i really did not see the bridge he didn’t believe me and fined me RM10. cheh. rugi RM10 for my silliness and carelessness.

D bloggers gathering

i was at the venue – lakeview club – at about 3.30pm with howsy, desi and mob.

 this is the sign at the main entrance that greated us as we entered the club. 

the hall where the forum and dinner was going to be held taken at about 4pm.

the registration desk where i was stationed.

staff from malaysiakini selling books. the may 13 book from dr kua was selling like hot-cakes. naturally i bought one.

the speakers at the forum.

the attendees!

queuing up for the food.

well as they say narcissism is necessary, finally, here are two pictures of me…

me and marina

and me posing in front of the backdrop banner

i missed the first 30mins of the forum as i have to stay at the registration table. no fear though as the whole event was recorded by a professional azlee
oh kenny sia turned up… but right at the end when everything had ended. luckily we the committee members with about 10 bloggers were still around. it was  very nice of kenny to turn up although it was so late already knowing he will missed the whole thing. i guess it was because he had told howsy he might drop in so he had better drop in no matter how late so as not to disappoint howsy who had admit he is a fan of kenny. thanks kenny.

it was indeed a most memorable evening for me since i get to meet so many bloggers like my sopo buddies howsy, maverick, lulu, politikus, and of course the speakers – famous names in the blogosphere jeff ooi, rocky, tony pua, raja petra, marina, tian chua and non bloggers but equally famous sonia randawa executive director of centre for independence journalism and nadeswaren (citizen nades) deputy editor of the sun.

there were also others like kervin, mahaguru58, nik nazmi, elizabeth wong, prem chandran from malaysiakini, sharon bakar, zorro, benny loh, rikey, nuraina samad, big dog, pak idrus and johhlmk, (whom not only i but many others were very surprised to find out is only 17 years old. I thought he is in his late 20s. he write so well that i hardly see in any 17 year old.

as a member of the organizing committee i thank all those who showed up. thanks for your support. without you the event would not be a success.

note:  i had taken over 30 pictures but most of them doesn’t turned up good as i’m terrible at photo taking esp. indoor with lightings. as you can see from these few here, they doesn’t look good eh? ok for good pro pictures you can check out wattack album.

kuala lumpur is home has some video of the speeches.

later on, there will be a video of the whole event from a pro, zan azlee of fat bidin media. watch out for it!

for links to those who wrote about the gathering, please check our official blog.

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