take five meme – name names ok!

i can’t resist to take up this meme since i had been label ‘beautiful’ by maverick. ahem! sure or not? but you are saying this with a gun to your head, so it could be a half truth – which is also a half lie! haha.


1) Name 5 people who are currently on your current list of “most favourite blog mates”.

first of all before i answer this first Q, i would like to point out something i notice. it seems to me people are so afraid to be committal to really answer such a Q – to name their favourites of favourites. some would answer “favourite blog mates? i have many, more than 5 – look at my blogroll.” there’s no answer, dear. we know you have many but we want you to pick a few among that many, as your top favourites of your many favourites.

or “i can’t name my most favourite blog mates as i don’t have favourite”. don’t have any? aww, come on, everybody have favourites. you may have a list of blogs (those are already your favourites!) in your blogroll but i’m very sure among all those in your lists, there are some you like more than the rest – favourites of the favourites, see.
the worst respond to me is “i can’t name names as i fear the persons not named would be offended”. gawd! that is so silly to me. firstly, are you so sure the persons not named would be offended? i visited so many blogs (some of which are on my blogroll) but i don’t see my blog links on their blogs, was i offended? surely not! i read before about bloggers naming their favourite blogs and mine was not mentioned, was i offended? surely not!

secondly, come on, don’t kid yourself – you have to be honest. surely there are some you like better than the others – so you just name those you like more than the others and leave out the others – what’s so wrong or fearful with that? the other persons not names would understand. i’m sure they wouldn’t feel offended or sulk that you didn’t name them.

ok, that’s all for my ‘lecture’. haha. now on to the response.

blog mates eh. first of all, i would have define ‘blog mates’ here as those whom i have met and have established some kind of friendship OR those i have not met but yet there’s some kind of ‘friendship’ between us online. there are:

yvy (met)
lynnee (met)
ah pek (met – er…. but that was a long time ago, before the advent of blogging. not counted maybe).

Name 5 types of people who irk, amaze, amuse, disgust you.


– bloggers who hit out at others bloggers
– people who like to look over my shoulder while i’m working (esp. when on the PC!)
– people who jump queues, either on the road or places like banks.
– people who answer the handphone in meetings/church.
– self righteous bloggers who think everything they do is right, while things other bloggers do are not right, thus they blog about it, sounding so proud and arrogant.


– bloggers who have so much time to blog everyday (or at least almost everyday), AND came up with a detailed extensive post complete with lots of pictures, links, references – like howsy!
– talented humorous bloggers like kenny sia and wingz who have so many pictures (their own photo-shopped picstoo!) and videos to share.
– that one particular blogger – huai bin of sixthseal!
– people with good memory, who can remember names and or tel. nos. only once they were told.
– our ex PM criticising the government and when he had been a part of the government before.


– people who will go to any length to break record (silly ones esp. like making the longest sausage and so on).
– super hyper sensitive bloggers who get all worked up over some very small matters. (and will retaliate esp. with four letter words and all that).
– smart aleck who think they know all.
– some ministers in parliament.
– our ex PM criticising our government and when he had been a part of the government before.


– people who sing so highly of thier own religion WHILE condemnming other religions.
– nose diggers in public!
– people talking loudly on the phone in public places.
– those who like to say “if you don’t like it here, get out of here” or “since you are not a ___, you are not qualify to talk about ____ “.
– our ex PM criticising our government and when he had been a part of the government before.

Name 5 hot male/female celebrities.

since there is a slash there, i take it that as a female, i only have to name hot male celebrities? anyway, i’m past the age of admiring hot young (or even old) hunks lah. i do have some names like bradd pitt, george clooney, harrison ford (the old one) but there are others who are equally hot which i don’t know off. but wait a minute, by ‘hot’ it can also means hot in the news right? ok then….

-  MP badruddin “you take suka sini, you keluar dari malaysia”
-  jerai ‘close one eye’ MP.
-  the ‘hatchet’ man, nazri
-  mawi (about his marriage cancellation)
finally of course….
-  our ex PM!

Name 5 things you are passionate about.

– blogging.
– reading other blogs.
– surfing on the net.
– my tech gadgets (handphone. bluetooth headset, PDA, desktop computer!)
– collecting souvenirs esp. keychains.

Name 5 blogs that you love reading.

well yes i love reading more than 5 blogs but as i said if i’ve got to name names, i will surely name them (in no particular order).
ah pek

nos. 6 to 10 are:

blur sotong

btw, the blogs mentioned here, plus about 20 other blogs – all from my blogroll (see right sidebar under ‘local blogs’) are those blogs i visited everyday. i notice i have about 60 blogs in my blogroll! well as i said, about 30 i visited regularly. about 20 i visited once in a while, while about 5 or so, i never visited at al!

Give 5 phrases that describe you.

ok, it’s phrases, not words (which i notice most who take up this meme, use words), thus have more to reveal lah. haha.

– short and small… well kind of dimunitive.
– disorganised when have too many things to do.
– most of the time glue to computer, handphone or PDA.
– can be very moody at times.
– a spendrift! (being extravagant – maybe wanna show off. haha).

i am not going to tag anyone as i’m going to leave this free for anyone interested to take it up but i can mentione names lah (no obligations! just mentioning names). ok anyone interested, esp. bloggers like ah pek, adam, viewtru, fishtail, yvy, lynnee, please do take this meme up if you like!

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