8 random things about me

oh well since it is a sunday, it’s ok to do a meme. lynnee has tagged me with this 8 random things about you meme.

the rules:
– players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
– those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
– players should tag eight other people and notify them that they have been tagged.

ok, the 8 random facts about me… as they comes into my head now as i am typing this:

1.  i am very short – under 5 feet… this also makes me small size, which people can’t tell my true age! however i have also grown fat – thus i look like humpty dumpty

2. i love writing ever since i was in primary school. wrote down ‘author’ and ‘reporter’ once when asked to list down ambition. in secondary school, love essay writing and always received top marks for my essays!

3.  i am very scared of cockcroach. (the flying one). if the cockcroach starts to fly, i’ll scream my head off and run a thousand miles away from it!

4.  i started getting on the net in 1998… and what attracted me to get on the net is chat – using mIRC. i started with microsoft comic chat, move on to mIRC, then PIRCH. spent lots of time on chat. (anyway after 2 years, i have given up on chat).

5.  i love book by agatha christie (detective one eg on hercule poirot and miss marple). i have almost all of her books in my collection – more than 60.

6.  when i was 20 i said i would never ever wear contact lens (as never like the thought of having something inside my eyes) but when i was 30 i started wearing contact and began to realise i can’t live without my contact!

7.  i sleep only 5 hours everyday, and i spent a lot of time on the computer everyday (not necessary on internet i mean) – almost 10 hours or so.

8.  although my favourite colours are black and white, i don’t like seeing a blog with black background. prefer white or light shades background.

ok. finished. easy. now comes the hard part – to tag people. no i’m not going to tag anyone because i realised the ones i had tagged before doesn’t seems to like to be tag. they would do the tag but out of obligation, not they want to! of course not all are like that. hence, what i’m going to do is simply mention a few names in random – and up to you if you want to take up the tag or not. i would be very pleased if you did but if you didn’t, guess i would be pleased too!

maverick, howsy, adam, susan loone, james, liewcf, fishtail, edrei, neo, kervin, bobjot, simon, lulu and YOU!

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