attributes one find in a lover

i have been tagged by the talk not like say blogger to do this meme – 8 attributes i seek in a lover. i don’t really like doing meme but since i’m a sporting person (ahem!) i’ll sure do it if i’m tag. anyway, as it’s the weekend… it’s good to stay away from serious post and present some frivalous stuff instead.

well i believe that to everyone, me included of course, there are sure more than 8 attributes they seek in a lover. however since this is an ‘8 attributes’ meme, so i present to you 8 attributes only.


my lover must be gentle

not only in love making

but in his attitude towards me

he must be understanding

and sensitive to my needs.

respect i also ask for

thrown in with the ability to compromise

which will come to mutual agreement.

good looks matters of course

but if no, average look will do

as a good heart is more important.

but most important of all

he must have a good sense of humour.

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