race-free form for penang (1st in the country!)


ahh… another first for my beloved pearl of the orient, of which i was born in and reside in from day one to now. a UNESCO heritage city. a PR governed state. of course. the latest news – penang do away with race-free form.(it was also lthe first to have a total ban on plastic bag use in shopping mallls.)

this form is the application form for the 'progam anak emas pulau pinang' (penang golden child programme). this programme, which starts this year, entitles all first-born to a single reimbursement of RM100, if at least one of the parents is a registered parent.  it's similiar to the RM100 reimbursement for senior citizen. i hope that the new form for this senior citizen progam will omit the race section too… and of course hope that in future, ALL forms to omit the race. after all, we are all malaysians, anak bangsa malaysia, not necessary to tell which race. in a form (unless some very special case). this step will be the start of a real 1malaysia. no malay, no chinese, no indian, no eurasian, no lain-lain – because we are all malaysians. why the need to differentiate our ethnicity if we are suppose to be 1malaysia? that's why najib's 1malaysia is all bullshit since they (umno govt) practise double standard – one standard for (umno) muslim and one standard for non muslim. where can there be 1malaysia when there is this bumiputera status in malaysia? that should be very obvious already! (and don't ever forget our DPM's famous 'i'm muslim first, malaysian second).so, let's talk 2malaysia instead, not 1malaysia. 

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