ten worst case of police brutality in history

the creator of this website, ‘criminal justice’ , sent this to me, saying:

 My name is Jay and I write for Criminaljusticedegreesguide.com. After publishing our most recent post, “10 Worst Cases of Police Brutality in History” I thought of you and your readers because it tackles the same kind of issues you often discuss on your blog. If you’d like to share it on your site, we’d love to keep the discussion going.

 thus i’m now sharing with you. do visit the site and read for yourself the 10 worst case of police brutality in US.

yes indeed there are many cases of police brutality in our country too. hope someone can compile a list. mostly now i can think of are more of ‘death in custody’ list – well the death in custody was caused by police brutality anyway.

NOTE: sidetrack. this weekend i’ll be at the church of st anne for the annual st anne’s feast-day celebration. our office is having a booth there. come and visit us. see the day 1 photos here.

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