programme for speakers square anniversary on 8 may

yesterday i gave you the report of speakers square by founding committee member, andre loh. today, i present to you the programme on 8 may – the anniversary celebration. i hope all penangites will come and give your support. this is YOUR space. you asked for it. so come and celebrate one year of having a place to air our views in public.

say, one of the highlights of the celebration is a lucky draw and one of the prize is an art piece from the lady herself – susan loone! yep, the famous ‘celebrity’ blogger, malaysiakini reporter, poet and artist. (you can view some of her paintings at this post of mine). anyone else want to sponsor some prizes? say, an ipad and i will wish hard that i get it. lol. everybody’s been giving away ipad, i notice. i mean corporations like banks and telcos. not giving away as completely free (because there ain’t such a thing as free lunch) but with conditions like e.g. if you spend over RM500 a month on your credit card, you are eligible to an ipad lucky draw. last sunday’s paper alone, i notice the ad page, 3 banks and 1 telco offering free/lucky draw ipad!

oops. sorry i get carried away. suppose to give you the programme now. ok, here it is:



I am pleased to invite you to join us in celebrating Speakers’ Square’s First Anniversary.  It will be held on Sunday 8 May 2011 at 6.00pm sharp.  Below is the programme for the day:-


6.00pm:    Introductory & Welcoming Speech by André Loh.

6.10pm:    Speech by Chief Minister of Penang, Y.A.B. Tuan Lim Guan Eng.

6.25pm:    Intermission  – Songtime  (“Imagine”)

6.30pm:    Speech by Y.B. Tuan Chow Kon Yeow, Penang Exco Member for  Local   Government, Traffic Management & The Environment.

6.40pm:    Lucky Draw – minimum 3 prizes (2 sponsored hampers & 1 Piece of  Art sponsored by Susan Loone).

6.50pm:    Intermission 2  – Songtime (“Child”)

6.55pm:    Cutting of Mother’s Day Cake(s) by Y.A.B. Lim Guan Eng,   accompanied joined by Mothers.

7.05pm:    Open for Speeches & Performances by individuals & groups.

We would appreciate it if you could attend this event and join us in the celebration.

At Speakers’ Square we wish to promote  Love, Peace, Hope & Desire.  And to strengthen unity among the people.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

André Loh Yu Hsiong
Founding Committee Member,
Speakers’ Square
4 May 2011

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