local democracy week in penang

yep! this coming week – 6 dec to 12 dec. as you can see, the first event up is the ‘youth parliament’. i will be attending this… no lah, not as participant since i’m no longer a youth. i’m attending it as reporter for UCAN and maybe also report for the office’s campus ministry. our office campus ministry is participating and they will be delivering two motions. yes, this youth parliament event will be exactly like the parliament sitting. the speaker will be the real state assembly speaker.

then i might drop in for the second event – the launching of bersih 2.0. but it is on a public holiday and if i feel lazy to leave the house, i won’t be going then.

i do like to attend the public forum on public transport but unfortunately i can’t… as i’ll be away in cameron highlands for a seminar. too bad. clash again. i’ll be in cameron from 9 dec to 12 dec… and during all those days, i have to miss all the events. 🙁 after cameron, i’ll be dropping by to KL and as usual, stay at my friend, sharon’s house. then will be returning to penang on tues, 14 dec.

ok so this means i’ll be away from home sweet home penang for 5 days.  what a pity, i have to miss some of the events during the local democracy week. oh yeah, do click on the poster below to go to its website for a clearer look/read of the events. do join in ok! if not all, at least two!

local democracy week

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