penang for beng hock forum

“Penang for Beng Hock”: Support Teoh’s family, justice for Beng Hock!

After 1 year of Teoh Beng Hock case happen, this tragedy making Malaysians cannot ignore this issue. During the year, Malaysians can easily see the judicature cannot bring justice for him, the recent‘suicide note’ and the Royal Commission of Inquiry not set up is more confirmed this.

In such circumstances, Beng Hock had become the sacrificial lamb of a distasteful power struggle fuelled by greed, hatred, and the thirst for revenge as the nation is experiencing democratic transition. Therefore, we appeal to the citizens of Malaysia to attend a forum name: “Penang for Beng Hock”. Support Teoh’s family, justice for Beng Hock!

Date : 5/9/10 (Sun)
Time : 2:30pm
Venue : Penang Island (Tentative Han Jiang College, TBC)

Speakers : Teoh Lee Lan, Toh Kin Woon (Campaign advisor,former Penang Exco), P. Ramakrishnan (Aliran President) & Ng Eng Kiat (Suaram Penang)

Jointly Organized by : Suaram Penang, Aliran, Sembang-Sembang Forum, Penang Liaison Committee of LLG Cultural Development Centre

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