the malay community will be wipe off from penang state?

…so umno wants us to believe.

the most recent case refers – susan loone’s report ‘developers persecute malays due to split in umno‘.  quoting from the report to comment:

Jelutong Umno members have refuted state party chief Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s claim that the marginalisation of Malay villages in Penang is due to the heavy price which had to be paid for a switch in political allegiance.

Abdul Wahab Abdullah, Pantai Umno branch chief, blamed instead the marginalisation of the villages on the well-known split of the party in the Jelutong division.

Abdul Wahab (left), who claimed that many of his branch members were affected residents soon to be evicted from Kampung Jalan Pokok Asam, said that developers were “taking advantage” of Umno’s split in the area to persecute the Malay community.

pigilah! don’t blame others, blame yourself! blame your own umno division. blame the split. this is like using the developer as a scapegoat.

He said developers supported by the state government have “conspired” to wipe out the Malay community from the face of Penang.

huh? is it that serious? WIPE OUT THE MALAY COMMUNITY FROM THE FACE OF PENANG!! i thought you have people like ibrahim ali shouting ‘melayu tak kan hilang dari dunia’ all the time.  so you think that the ‘melayu’ will ‘hilang’ from penang?

He added that the developers, who mooted the project about five years ago when BN was still leading Penang, had compensated the residents poorly, merely offering them a package about RM10,000 to RM70,000 for each family.

see, what an idiot abdul wahab is. first of all he mentioned the state govt. conspiring with the developers but now he said the project was mooted by the developer about 5 years ago. hello, kawan, 5 years ago the present state govt. is not leading penang so why blame the present state govt. now? you should blame BN! or more like it, umno! your own party!

“This amount is a kind of persecution towards the Malay community; it is not even enough to pay for rent or buy a new flat when the residents move away from their homes,” he said during a press conference in Penang yesterday.

“The residents and their forefathers, who are considered original people of the area, have lived there for more than 80 years, so whatever the developer is doing to them is heartbreaking,” he added.

tell that to the govt. 5 years ago! they were the one who agreed with the developer for the amount compensated.

anyway, this umnoputera is talking like perkasa members – everything also like to say ‘persecuting the malays’ like what perkasa like to say ‘questioning malay rights’.

Recently, while officially opening the Kemaman division delegates meeting, Ahmad Zahid said that Malaysians, especially the Malays, had to realise that Umno, which was the backbone of the BN, always championed the interests of everyone.

aha! here an umnoputera admitted it – the govt at that time is umno! BN=umno, umno=BN. umno was, and is, and will always control BN. (surelah, according to ahmad since it is BN’s backbone. if umno no more, BN will die).

anyway where the hell did he get the idea that umno always championed the interests of everyone? don’t make me laugh eh. the only thing umno champion is their own pockets.

Abdul Wahab said villagers of Kampung Tengah, also inside Jelutong, who had been evicted due to high-rise development projects, were also compensated very poorly by the developer.

“This high-rise project took place five years ago, it has affected about a hundred houses or 400 people, and all of them are Malays,” he said.

“We are not rejecting development but please be fair to the original residents of these villages, who are the Malays, don’t let it bring injustice to us,” he added.

there he go again – “happened 5 years ago”. then for allah’s sake, quit blaming the present state govt!! what an idiot!!

NOTE:  please read the  highlighted (chosen)  comments from malaysiakini tittled ‘umno scores own goal with sob story’.

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