sarawak democracy road-show

woo! i’m flying off to sarawak tomorrow… bintulu to be exact.  no, not exactly a holiday but it’s all for a good cause.

the sarawak democracy road-show is initiated by the malaysian election observers network (MEO-net).  i’ll be there, among a few others, to do voters registration of the natives staying in long houses at selangau. apart from voters registration, we’ll be doing some election observer training and voting rights education. i’m not expert enough to do the training and education but i sure can do registration. oh and mostly i’ll doing documentation/reporting.

it seems that many natives there are without documents like mykad and birth certificates, so in order to register them as voters, we must also apply mykad for them!

i’ve never been to sarawak before. i can’t wait. this will be my first time experiencing a stay inside a long-house. you can bet i’ll be taking lots of pictures… not forgetting maybe some interviews for some write up (for UCAN and/or for malaysiakini).

if you want to have an idea of what the road-show is about, you can read about it here or about  the 3rd road-show here.

the news is that the sarawak state election might be held next year, so MEO-net hope to prepare the sarawakians especially those in the rural area, the natives. many of them are not registered so they can’t vote. voting is the rights of every human person! hope that as more sarawakians get to vote, something better… a change… may arise in the land of the hornbill!

i’ll be back from bintulu on monday evening and then stay over at my friend’s sharon’s house. seems that when we are in selangau, there’ll be no internet access and no phone line. arggh! 3 days without internet!! no blogging from me then for 4 days. hope to be back with lots of stories to tell and lots of photos to show.

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