2 MB, 2 speakers = 1malaysia??

2speakersand all these came about because of you, mr PM!

yeah so what the hell are 2mbyou talking about 1malaysia, mr PM? not forgetting your tagline ‘people first, performance now’. people first? if you put the people first, you would have listen to the people to agree to a fresh election! so cut out all the crap slogan, mr PM! don’t be a hypocrite!

the people are very angry over the perak political circus that is going on… and it is all started by you, mr PM. see, one man in penang was so angry that he even climb a tree and stay there for hours! all in the name of democracy! don’t talk to us about 1malaysia when you had created such a mess. you started it, you should end it. by agreeing to a fresh election. ya ya i know, you said it is up to sultan to call for an election… but we remember when you enginereed the coup d’etet, you were whispering something to the sultan and god know the insinuations that came by. yes it is up to the sultan to call for an election but you being the PM, should start by agreeing that a fresh election is the only solution to solve the political mess in perak.  oh i forgot, you were the one who created the mess, so how on earth will you want to call for a stop to what you created eh?

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