“no fight as we will lose.”

penanti_poll_pmof course that was not what the PM said but we all know that was the message we got when they (BN) decided not to contest in the penanti by-election, though of course he denied it vehemently.  not only that but he started blaming PR.

Justifying BN’s decision to stay out, Najib said the by-election was not caused by “provisions within the constitution.”

“It is only a way for PKR to solve its internal problems,” he said.

and in malaysiakini:

Talking to reporters after a two-hour meeting, Najib said the Penanti seat did not become vacant as necessitated by law but was instead due to PKR wanting to resolve its internal problems.

The vacancy is also because of a political game by the opposition, he added

wait. that’s more. listen!

“BN prioritises service to the people and efforts to boost the economy. We will not dance to other people’s tune,” the prime minister insisted.


“We don’t dance to (the opposition’s) tune… We don’t want to be drawn into their gimmick. If not, three months down the line, they will force another by-election elsewhere,” he said.

hahaha. don’t make me laugh. oops sorry i already laughed. so thanks for making me laugh. "prioritise service to the poor"?? was that what you meant by your slogan ‘1malaysia, people first, performance now’? put the people first? if really that is the case, why didn’t you listen to the people of perak to call for a dissolution of the state assembly?? "boost the economy??  really? can’t you see the political circus in perak that never seems to end (because you did not want a fresh election) is hurting the economy?

all empty talk, mr PM! it’s 1black malaysia! democracy first, election now!

note:  see anil netto’s post on the reasons BN did not want to contest.

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