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‘footage of speaker sivakumar being dragged out banned’ so read the headline in malaysiakini. (full article below)

really? why? hiding the truth?

‘dare to do, dare to let people know!’

yep, BN, obviously you were the one who hire these ‘mysterious officers in white shirts and ties with the ‘officers’ tag’ to forcibly dragged out the speaker. you did it and now you didn’t want people to know about it!

just 2 days after the incident, i had quickly blog about it because i want everybody to know… not that my blog is that popular!… but at least i mean i’m doing it for myself – made known this publicly on rhe net. i had put up the video, i had put up many pictures.

well, you know the saying ‘forbidden fruits taste better’ – now that the footage/picture of sivakumar being dragged out is banned (on tv), all the more people will be looking for it… and here i am highlighting about it AGAIN. i hope that everyone will spread this far and wide – the footage (photos/videos) to show people how low and despicable BN/UMNO can get.

in the meantime, there’s a new development. one (or all or some) of these ‘white shirt, tie, officer tag’ seemed to be caught on camera with something like look like a gun!! (read article below). goodness gracious me! a gun being bought into the assembly sitting! great! another first for our country.

there should be an investigation into who these mysterious ‘white shirt tie officer tag’ men were. why were they brought in and who brought them in? oh of course they were brought in by BN. why? to intimidate PR! to forcibly remove the speaker! in anil’s blog, he mentioned about people hearing the name ‘sergeant’ and ‘colonel’ being called at these white shirt tie officer tag’ goons… huh? were they from the military? goodness gracious me!! a first again for bolehland!

1 black malaysia! democracy first, election now!


Footage of ‘speaker being dragged out’ banned
May 13, 09 6:54am

The one enduring image of the controversial May 7 Perak assembly sitting was that of speaker V Sivakumar being physically removed from his chair and dragged out of the chamber to allow his rival, R Ganesan, to take over the proceedings.

A TV station has video footage of the dramatic moment but Malaysians did not get to see it on the orders of its owner, Media Prima.

Media Prima, which is believed to be linked to ruling party Umno, controls the country’s four free-to-air private TV stations – TV3, NTV7, TV8 and TV9.

According to a source who requested anonymity, the staff were given ‘directives’ from senior managers on the evening of May 7 not to screen the controversial footage despite one of its stations had captured the whole incident on tape.

“We have the entire visuals of Sivakumar being dragged out of the chair. However, we received instructions from the top not to screen it,” the source said.

The directives, added the source, were believed to be given verbally as there was not enough time for the management to issue a written notice.

Despite the directives, one of the television stations under the Media Prima group “accidently” aired the footage the next day – during deputy speaker Hee Yit Foong’s press conference, who was claiming that she did not abuse her power in taking over from Sivakumar as speaker.

“The footage (of Sivakumar being dragged out) was shown in fast-forward mode, but soon after that we were instructed to write a memo to our bosses,” said the source.

The explanation, said the source, is believed to be sent to news and current affairs director Kamarulzaman Zainal.

“We had to write a memo as to why we showed the footage so they would know who should be blamed for it,” added the source.

Ordered to use archive footage instead

The television stations were told to use footage other than those from the May 7 assembly in their reports.

“We were told to use archives for our visuals, for example, visuals from the courts and other state assembly proceedings,” the source added.

The source also said that they were not allowed to broadcast footage of the arrests outside the state assembly building, where close to 100 individuals, including opposition parliamentarians and state representatives, were arrested.

Malaysiakini also learnt that satellite broadcaster Astro had also similarly instructed its local news channels not to show any visual of Sivakumar being dragged out of the state assembly.

Such directives are not new in Media Prima as a TV station under its stable were given similar instructions not to name political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda when reporting on the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case last month.


‘Guns bought into May 7 sitting’
Andrew Ong | May 13, 09 12:45pm

DAP state assemblypersons have urged the authorities to investigate their claim that weapons, including a firearm, were brought into the state assembly on May 7.

Perak DAP secretary Nga Kor Ming said that authorities let slip the weapons despite the tight security and metal detectors in place that day.

He also cited Jelapang assemblyperson Hee Yit Fong’s possession of a pepper spray cannister as another example of weapons being brought into the House.

"Maybe the (security personnel) were only interested in checking Pakatan (Rakyat)," said Nga during a press conference at the Perak DAP headquarters in Ipoh today.

A video clip played to the press later showed a male in white shirt apparently reaching for an object stuck to the back of his pants. The object however could not be properly identified.

The incident happened shortly before dozens of unidentified individuals stormed the state assembly to forcibly remove speaker V Sivakumar.

Asked if there are any provisions in the Standing Order barring firearms from the state assembly, Sivakumar said there were none but barring firearms was a standard practice in legislative bodies worldwide.

He said that there was a special room provided in the state secretariat building for individuals to deposit their weapons before entering the state assembly.

"What if during the chaos someone else took the weapon from behind his back?" he asked.

Sivakumar said that he would lodge a police report on the matter this afternoon.

Hold a fresh elections

Meanwhile, Nga again urged Barisan Nasional Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kadir to pave way for a fresh elections in Perak to resolve the current political imbroglio, in view of the High Court decision on Monday to recognise Pakatan’s Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin as the legitimate menteri besar.

A day after the High Court decision, Zambry managed to obtain a stay of execution order from the Court of Appeal, returning the situation to status quo.

However, Nga said Zambry cannot claim to be the chief executive of the state at this point of time because of the uncertainties involving his appeal.

"The business community dare not move right now because at any time, the stay order might be set aside or Zambry might lose his appeal," he said.

"We call on Zambry to show statesmanship. We are ready to face the people (in fresh elections). Why is he not?" asked Nga.

Nga added that calls for fresh polls in the state were also intensifying, citing Dewan Negara president Dr Abdul Hamid Pawanteh, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia and the Council of Churches Malaysia as examples.

On a sarcastic note, he also praised the Court of Appeal for expediting the case and granting a stay order a day after the High Court decision.

"We hope that the judiciary would show similar efficiency in the case of Osman and Jamaluddin," he said, in reference to the multi-million ringgit graft cases against Changkat Jering assemblyperson Osman Jailu and Behrang assemblyperson Jamaluddin Osman

The duo, together with Hee, left Pakatan to become BN-friendly independents in February allowing BN to seize power of the state.

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