i dreamt of nizar, perak MB

yes really. no kidding. this was the first time in my entire life i dreamt of a politician. i really don’t know what made me dream of him when at that time before going to bed, i was not even thinking of him or the perak political saga. as i just finished blogging on what niz aziz said on the words ‘allah’ and ‘bumiputera’ before going to bed,  i was thinking of nik aziz! then why was it not nik aziz that appeared in my dream? maybe unconsciously the perak political saga kept bugging me, that was why i can dream of nizar.

so what was my dream about? you know how it is, we really don’t remember a dream or dreams are usually very vague. what i can remember is that i dreamt of nizar staying in a big open house and the unique thing about this house is that it is at the rooftop of an apartment unit! there were many terrace houses on the rooftop and nizar’s house was at the corner, making it a big house as it takes up 2 lots of land.

i remember people going in and out of his house and i was walking past, then someone told me that house belongs to nizar. i stood outside the house for a while, watching the people coming in and out. then i saw nizar standing at the door, welcoming people into the house. i didn’t go in to meet him. end of story. these were the only thing i remember.

hmm… i wonder why i dreamt of nizar. well it was nice to dream of him anyway since i support him 101% as the real, illigitmate MB of perak. thank god i did not dream of the fake mamak "i was appointed by the sultan" MB.

speaking of which, it seems that now the political saga in perak is turning into a circus show…. with law and disorder coming in!  this person did that, that person came out to say it was wrong, this person said no not wrong, that person decided to take to court this person. this person said no right to charge me and so on and so on and so on on on on………..

you see, perak speaker, sivakumar in a special privileges committee meeting, suspended the fake MB and his 6 equally fake exco. then lawyers, politicians jumped up, some say it was wrong of him to do so, some say it was right. then he called for a special state assembly sitting and did not invite the suspended 7 fake BN govt. of course. again people jumped up, esp. BN lawyers and said this and that.  the BN lawyers said the state speaker sivakumar abused his power and wanted to refer him to the rights and privileges committee… and the irony of it is that sivakumar is in the committee!! (am i right?), then the assembly secretary suddenly over-ride the speaker’s authority by closing the state secretariat building… and in again another twist and turn as malaysiakin put it, the speaker now suspend the assembly secretary! sigh! the circus goes on and on and on on on on…..

also i find it ridiculous that, that zamby guy said sivakumar’s decision to hold the emergency state assembly sitting is a threat to national security. in what way? how? perhaps he was just saying that, so that the govt. had an excuse to arrest sivakumar under ISA??

well, let’s see what happened in this circus today when sivakumar is going ahead with the state assembly – should be interesting wayang for us to watch.


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